Triangles Chart Pattern

Triangles Chart Pattern A triangle is a corrective chart pattern where the price moves in between two converging trendlines. Trendlines are used to identify the triangles, and depending on the slope, triangles can be classified as: symmetrical, ascending and descending. A triangle is completed by a break of the upper or lower trendline as the […]

Bollinger Bands indicator

The Bollinger Bands is a momentum indicator that gives an excellent visual representation of the market’s volatility. When the market is quiet, the bands are much closer together, but when the market is very volatile, the bands are far apart. There are three parts of this indicator: a 20 period Simple Moving Average (20 SMA) […]

What is Forex ?

What is Forex ? Forex is short for Foreign Exchange More specifically, it is the “foreign exchange currency markets”, and sometimes referred to as the FX market or even the Spot market. This is where money is traded for money. The value of each country’s currency changes a little bit by the second, and as […]

What is the Broker’s Role?

What is the Broker’s Role The buying and selling is all handled by our broker. We find a Forex broker, fund an account and place our trades using their trading platform. The FX broker has made everything very simple. We fund our accounts generally with US dollars which the broker will gladly convert for you […]

What is the Spread?

What is the Spread? Your broker will need to make a little money by offering you the services they do, it’s a business and it’s only fair they make their cut. They do not charge you upfront for anything, there is no cost to open or fund an account. How a broker makes their money […]

Flags Chart Patterns

Chart patterns are good warning signs as well. If properly identified, it can help anticipate when the price would continue or when it will reverse. I pay close attention to flags, head and shoulders, and triangles. Now we will talk about Flags : When the price makes a sudden move up or down, it forms […]