We report findings from a survey of United States foreign exchange traders. Our results indicate that (i) technical trading best characterizes about 30% of traders, with this proportion rising from five years ago; (ii) news about macroeconomic variables is rapidly incorporated into exchange rates; (iii) the importance of individual macroeconomic v ariables shifts over […]

core concepts automated trading

ABOUT THIS REPORT The Forex Report is a periodic publication that investigates advanced strategies for superior trading performance in the foreign exchange markets.  These reports utilize advanced statistical and econometric modeling techniques to create new insight into the trading strategy of the average trader.  This Core Concept Brief, Automated Trading, is intended for traders with […]

David Dreman – Contrarian Investment Strategies in the Next Generation

David Dreman’s name is synonymous with the term “contrarian investing,” and his contrarian strategies have been proven winners year after year. His techniques have spawned countless imitators, most of whom pay lip service to the buzzword “contrarian,” but few can match his performance. His emper Dreman High Return Fund has been the leader since its […]

Candlestick And Pattern

In technical analysis, a Candlestick pattern is a movement in prices shown graphically on a candlestick chart that some believe can predict a particular market movement. The recognition of the pattern is subjective and programs that are used for charting have to rely on predefined rules to match the pattern. There are 42 recognised patterns […]

Choosing A Trading System That Actually Works

  I believe a good trading system should be considered for inclusion in one’s portfolio in order to potentially enjoy superior returns.* Finding a good trading system, however, can be a very difficult process. So it becomes necessary to have a way of distinguishing good systems from the rest. Fortunately, there is a way to […]