Download forexmatika Tempat Belajar Forex Terlengkap Di Indonesia

 Semua trader hanya memiliki satu tujuan ketika trading, yaitu profit, profit dan profit. Namun pada kenyataannya loss, loss dan loss. kemudian Trader putus asa dan memilih untuk menghentikan trading selamanya. Trading Forex adalah sebuah peluang bisnis yang sangat fenomenal di abad ini, Bahkan yang dulu hanya bisa dilakukan oleh orang-orang kaya dengan minimal deposit $100,000, […]

DownloadTraders Secret Library Video Webinars Part 3

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The successful Forex trader

I want you to write this down so you can see it every single day! It should be your mantra. Memorize it! “The successful trader isn’t the trader who doesn’t lose, The successful is the trader who can successfully manage his losses”. I was talking to a fellow trader this evening, and we talked a […]

Tools for identifying Trending markets

Trending markets are by far the easiest to trade and thus the most profitable. Also, I really think all beginners need to learn how to trade with the dominant daily trend before they attempt to trade range-bound markets or counter-trend. So, knowing how to correctly identify a trending market is very important to being a […]

Forex Holly Grail

If you have been in forex trading for more than a week, you will have heard of the legendary HOLY GRAIL of trading. The Holy Grail is characterized as a trading system that never loses, only has winners 100% of the time. The perfect entry signals followed by the perfect exit signals. Once you get […]

Leverage, Margin and Lots

In order to make this small 100th of a cent worth something, your broker offers you leverage. This essentially magnifies your trade size. You would place a trade using so much of your own money, called Margin, and your broker will magnify the trade by whatever the leverage is. If your broker offers your 100:1 […]

Forex Money Management

With a strong knowledge on how to read your forex chart, you are now ready to trade. However I will like to take this chance to talk about something known as the trade management. Without proper trade management, you will never be profitable as you will always find yourself being stopped out in the end. […]

What Is The Trend ?

Before we get started, we have to determine what a trend is before we can trade it. A trend, to a trader, is based largely on the timeframe they are trading. As you have learned, the 2 most important timeframes, as far as I’m concerned, is the timeframe you are trading and the next higher […]