book Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model

Finance is one of the most rapidly changing and fastest growing areas in the corporate business world. Because of this rapid change, modern nancial instruments have become extremely complex. New mathematical models are essential to implement and price these new nancial instruments. The world of corporate nance once managed by business students is now controlled […]

CalmingThe Mind

There’s two seconds left in the championship game, your team is behind by one point and  you are at the free throw line    shooting two shots.You’re keenly aware of the situation and you, like everyone else in the sold out arena, know how  important these two shots are. You can feel your heart pounding and […]

Chart formations

It is important to note that the Technical Analysis Overview provided does not attempt to be a comprehensive treatment of Charting or Technical Analysis methods. There are numerous, well-written books on Chart Interpretation and Technical Analysis. A brief and simplistic review of some basic charting concepts are provided for reference or to stimulate further study. […]

Come Into My Trading Room – Elder Alexander

This book is the follow-up to Trading for a Living, which is very popular among futures traders. It is important to note that the author is a professional trader and a practicing psychiatrist. Obviously, he focuses on the psychology of trading and the mental reasons why traders either thrive or they are habitual losers. This […]