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cabafx.com197The purpose of setting up this course is to help those of you who are either
new to trading or is still struggling in your trading by teaching you the right
way to read your chart.

This method of technical analysis is the accumulation of my years of forex
trading and constant fine tuning. Therefore I hope that you will spend some
time to read through this book and most importantly put it to practice everyday
until you are able to do it properly.

In this entire course, you will be taught how to conduct a proper technical
analysis with the top down analysis technique that I often use in my trading.
This will make sure that you have a good picture of the market long term,
medium term as well as short term movement.

Content :

What Is Forex?
Why You Should Trade Forex?
Breaking the Myths
Existence of Holy Grail Trading System
Forex is a 50-50 Game
You can make money with the click a button
You need a Sophisticated Trading Strategy to Work
Types of Traders
Scalper , Day Trader , Swing Trader
Position Trader,Trend Analysis
Strong Trend , Weak Trend , No Trend
Why You Need to Know The Trend
Important Candlestick Patterns to Look Out For
Head and Shoulder Pattern
How To Enter a Trade
How To Exit Your Trade
Railway Track
How to Trade This Pattern
Double Top
How to Trade This Pattern
How to Exit Your Trade
Spinning Top/Hammer
Long Candlestick
Support and Resistance
How do you differentiate strong swings and weak swings?
How to Trade Pivot Points?
The Power of Alignment
The Power of Top Down Analysis
Forex Technical Analysis
Overall Technical Analysis , Trend Analysis
Trade Management

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Download Making a Mountain out of a Molehill by Russ Horn

cabafx.com195I am guessing you are trying to figure out what this book could possibly be about.  Does it have something to do with psychology… making a big deal out of what should be no deal at all?
Or is it about poor use of stop losses and bad trade management, allowing a small loss turn into a big loss?
You are right, that it’s not about these things at all.
Making a mountain out of a molehill does what it implies; it takes something small and turns it into something big.  In the case of this short ebook, we will be discussing WINS!
How you can take a small winning trade and turn it into a large winning trade.
There are a couple of ways that I am familiar with.  One method, I used to turn what was initially going to be a 250 pip winner into an 8500 pip winner.
So, how do you take an average trade and turn it into a big trade?
Method number one:
–  Move up timeframes as the trade progresses.  Manage you trade on progressively higher timeframes as you go farther into profit.
Method number two:
–  Add to your winning positions.  As the trade progresses, you will add additional lots to the winner, in effect, winning with 5 trades instead of only one.

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Download Trading In The Shadow by Gavin Holmes

cabafx.com194This is a brief explanation about TradeGuider and the underlying methodology of Volume Spread Analysis.
We will be showing examples of how professional activity is clearly visible in all markets
and in all timeframes, if you know what you are looking for.
TradeGuider is based on a methodology called Volume Spread Analysis.
Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) is a proprietary market analysis method that was conceived
by Tom Williams (Chairman of TradeGuider Systems). VSA is utilized in the TradeGuider software to
analyze a market by observing the interrelationship between volume, price, and spread of the
price bar (often known as the range of a price bar).
This method is particularly good at highlighting imbalances of supply and demand.
TradeGuider was previously known as Wyckoff VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) and has been
in existence forex 20 years. TradeGuider is unique due to it being driven by an artificial intelligence engine. This software is capable of analyzing any liquid market, in any time frame, and extracting the information
it needs to indicate imbalances of supply and demand on a chart. In doing so, TradeGuider is
able to graphically show the essential force that moves every market.

Content :
The Buying Climax (Start of distribution)
Supply Coming In (also has the appearance of an Upthrust)
No Demand (No Demand at market top)
(example silver intraday Infinity AT chart)
Sequence 3
Possible Hidden Selling
Supply Coming In
End of a Rising Market
Potential Climactic Action
Upthrust After Weakness
Reversal After Effort To Rise
Supply Overcoming Demand
End of a Rising Market
Demand Overcoming Supply
Potential Climactic Action
Stopping Volume
Bottom Reversal
No Supply / Test
Potential Climactic Action / ShakeTest
Two Bar Reversal
Bag Holding
Potential Professional Buying
Potential Selling Climax
Demand Overcoming Supply
Reversal Over Two Bars


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Download Nial Fuller – LearnToTradeTheMarket -introduction to price action

cabafx.com192Always be thinking Supply and Demand in your analysis Fundamental and Technical analysis are the two major disciplines in the Forex market and every other market for that matter.
Fundamental analysis is the study of what is happening in the world around us. It things such as news, economic announcements and policies, company earnings and most importantly for FX … interest rates.
Technical analysis is the study of what is happening on the chart of a particular currency pair.
We will be discussing Technical analysis at length during this course
Both forms of analysis are built upon a foundation of supply and demand. As traders we need to have only a brief understanding of fundamental analysis and focus much more on Technical Analysis.

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Download Scientific forex The Truth Behind Commonly Used Indicators

cabafx.com191 In order to see if the settings really worked from a scientific point of view, I back-tested the indicators with different settings on a couple of currency pairs and across a variety of timeframes.

To ensure enough trades are entered for reliable results, I ran all back-tests through 4 years of historical data (January 2008 to December 2011). Using similar entry, stop loss and take profit rules for each test, I started out with a $10,000 account and set each trade to be entered at 0.1 lot to allow enough equity for the trades. The spread for EURUSD and GBPUSD is 2 pips.

The rules of the tests are simple.

1. Enter at the close of the candle right after the signal appeared. The signal depends  on the indicator or candlestick reversal pattern that is used.
2. Set the stop loss 3 pips above the highest high of the past three candles.
3. Set the take profit twice the value of the stop loss.

The answers to the questions listed in the previous page will be based on some vital data from the results of the backtests. Here’s what we are looking for:

1. Total net profit – Of course, the best measure of performance is the total profit you get  from the trades entered. What good is an indicator if it does not help you earn a profit?
2. Percentage of Profit Trades – This indicates the percentage of winning trades from the total number of trades entered. The higher the percentage, the more winners and the better is the performance.
3. Drawdown – It is the difference from highest and lowest balance of the account, in percentage. The lower the drawdown, the more stable are the gains and the better is the performance.

Contents :
I. Signal/Entry Trigger
II. Settings
III. Simple Moving Average (SMA) Findings
IV. Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Findings
V. SMA versus EMA
I. Signal/Entry Trigger
II. Settings
III. Findings
I. Entry trigger
II. Settings Tested
III. Findings
I. Dark Cloud Cover
II. Engulfing Pattern
III. Hammer & Hanging Man
IV. Inverted Hammer & Shooting Star
I. Improving Your Profitability
II. Examples

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Download Currency Trading For Dummies – 2nd Edition by Brian Dolan

cabafx.com190 If you’re an active trader looking for alternatives to trading stocks or futures, the forex market is hard to beat. Online trading innovations over the past decade have made it accessible, both
technologically and financially.
But as an individual trader, gaining access to the forex market is only the beginning. Just because
you’ve got the keys to a Formula One race car doesn’t mean you’re ready to compete in a Grand
Prix. First, you have to understand how the car works. Then you have to figure out some of the
tactics and strategies the pros use. And then you have to get behind the wheel and practice,
developing your skills, instincts, and tactics as you go.
To succeed in the forex market, you’re going to have to do the same. This book gives you the nononsense
information you need, with the perspective, experience, and insight of two forex market veterans.
Whether you’re an experienced trader in other markets looking to expand into currencies, or a total
newcomer to trading looking to start out in currencies, this book has what you need. Best of all,
it’s presented in the easy to use For Dummies format. Divided into easy-to-follow parts, this book
can serve as both your reference and troubleshooting guide.



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Download Nial Fuller – Price Action Trading Course

cabafx.com189 Directional Forex Trading is the art of using price movements in interbank Foreign Exchange or Capital
markets to make profit. Traders may be involved in a trade for 1 second or 1 decade (10 years), depending on
their trading method and trading plan.
Our focus is the short term view of price facilitation from point x to point y.
To profit from market movements, we must predict price direction correctly, execute a trade entry, then
manage the position between our predetermined stop loss level and desired take profit level.
To win in the long term, traders must develop a trading plan with a statistical edge. Price action, market To win in the long term, traders must develop a trading plan with a statistical edge. Price action, market
trends, and support / resistance become our trading tools in creating this edge.
Every trade setup carries a unique degree of risk verse reward . The cliché – “make your winners larger than
your losses” is the most obvious road to wealth. Often, traders lose focus, and they forget what each trade
can realistically offer them in terms of profit. Markets do not move in straight lines, yet traders hold on to
winners way too long expecting some giant winner, and soon .. They see these profits evaporate. You must
lose your greedy attitude and set your rules! My trading setups aim to deliver aprox 3 to 4 times risk, and I am
happy to take that kind of profit. This means I can win 1 in ever 3 or 4 trades and still make decent profits over
a sample of trades.
When forex trading, we are effectively running a company. Trading Losses are the cost of business, wins are
our revenue. Worst case scenario, on a $10,000 size account, we have to run this company at 500 % per
annum just to make a living!. Difficult you ask? YES!.

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Download Super Sharp Pitchfork by Ahmed Maher

cabafx.com188There are two common types of Super Sharp Pitchfork Supportive Pitchfork and Magnetic Pitchfork, each have a specific shape and function that we must understand well to know how SPF work. We will focus always on the median line of SPF that differentiates between the two types of SPF.
The most repeated type of SPF that we will see it a lot in the chart is Magnetic SPF, what makes Magnetic SPF differ from Supportive SPF is that the Median Line of Magnetic SPF has a breakout by price action occurred always in time zone no.3, and vice versa to the Supportive SPF that has hold Median line in time zone no.3 and has no breakout by price action.





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Download Attacking Currency Trends How to Anticipate and Trade Big Moves

cabafx.com187CHAPTER 1 Stereotyping the Retail
Currency Trader
They Think Trading Currencies Is Easy
They Have Too Much Fear
They Lose Money
They Are Too Fundamental (Not Technical Enough) They Don’t Know
Enough about Key Fundamental
Requirements They Fail to Anticipate Trends Don’t Be Like the Rest …Change!
CHAPTER 2 The Six Attributes of a Successful
Currency Trader
What Are You Good at Doing?
There Will Always Be Peaks and Valleys 1. Skill or Aptitude 2. Practice, Practice, Practice 3. Know Your Risk 4.
Create and Execute a Plan 5.
Control Your Fear
6. Be Greedy Enough
A Foundation for Success
CHAPTER 3 The Mission Statement
A Team of One A Two-Part Mission Statement Finding Trades That Satisfy
Your Mission Statement
The Importance of Staying on Trend
CHAPTER 4 What’s Your Game Plan?
Every Mission Statement Needs a Game Plan Trade the Trends Keep Fear to a Minimum Never Underestimate a Strong Foundation
CHAPTER 5 Rules for Attacking the Trend
Rule 1: Keep It Simple (but Stay Positive) Rule 2: Have a Reason to Place a Trade Rule 3: Be Picky about Your Tools Rule 4: The “If . . . Should” Rule Rule 5: Look Ahead, but Not Too Far Ahead Rules Rule
CHAPTER 6 The Trader’s Toolbox
Rules for the Tools How to Use Fundamental Analysis The One Thing We Can Agree On: Price The Tools
If I Had a Hammer
PART II Tools and Strategies
CHAPTER 7 Moving Averages
What Is a Moving Average? How to Use Moving Averages

Time Frames for Analysis Anticipating a Trend Managing a Trend Managing Profits Trade Setups The Push That Gets the Market Going
CHAPTER 8 Trend Lines and
Remembered Lines
Bullish Trend Lines Bearish Trend Lines Channels: Highways to Ride the Trend Flags and Pennants Finding the Golden Ticket Remembered Lines Simple but Effective
CHAPTER 9 Fibonacci Retracements:
The Hybrid Tool
Introduction to Fibonacci Placing Retracements on a Chart Using Fibonacci Retracements Trading Shorter-Term Corrections Using the Tools to Your Best Advantage
CHAPTER 10 Preparing for the Trade

First Things First
Analyzing the Charts A Composite View of the Clues “IsItaBoyoraGirl,Doc?”
CHAPTER 11 Executing the Game Plan

The Kickoff: The Entry Trade Managing the Trade Finding Clues in the Consolidation Phase


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Download Mastering the Trade- Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading Setups


The bestselling Mastering the Trade presents you with a step-by-step approach for becoming a successful trader. Written with authority by fulltime trader and fund manager, John F. Carter, this straightforward, all-you-need-to-know resource combines an insightful market overview with specific trading strategies and concepts .






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