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cabafx.com195I am guessing you are trying to figure out what this book could possibly be about.  Does it have something to do with psychology… making a big deal out of what should be no deal at all?
Or is it about poor use of stop losses and bad trade management, allowing a small loss turn into a big loss?
You are right, that it’s not about these things at all.
Making a mountain out of a molehill does what it implies; it takes something small and turns it into something big.  In the case of this short ebook, we will be discussing WINS!
How you can take a small winning trade and turn it into a large winning trade.
There are a couple of ways that I am familiar with.  One method, I used to turn what was initially going to be a 250 pip winner into an 8500 pip winner.
So, how do you take an average trade and turn it into a big trade?
Method number one:
–  Move up timeframes as the trade progresses.  Manage you trade on progressively higher timeframes as you go farther into profit.
Method number two:
–  Add to your winning positions.  As the trade progresses, you will add additional lots to the winner, in effect, winning with 5 trades instead of only one.

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