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cabafx.com197The purpose of setting up this course is to help those of you who are either
new to trading or is still struggling in your trading by teaching you the right
way to read your chart.

This method of technical analysis is the accumulation of my years of forex
trading and constant fine tuning. Therefore I hope that you will spend some
time to read through this book and most importantly put it to practice everyday
until you are able to do it properly.

In this entire course, you will be taught how to conduct a proper technical
analysis with the top down analysis technique that I often use in my trading.
This will make sure that you have a good picture of the market long term,
medium term as well as short term movement.

Content :

What Is Forex?
Why You Should Trade Forex?
Breaking the Myths
Existence of Holy Grail Trading System
Forex is a 50-50 Game
You can make money with the click a button
You need a Sophisticated Trading Strategy to Work
Types of Traders
Scalper , Day Trader , Swing Trader
Position Trader,Trend Analysis
Strong Trend , Weak Trend , No Trend
Why You Need to Know The Trend
Important Candlestick Patterns to Look Out For
Head and Shoulder Pattern
How To Enter a Trade
How To Exit Your Trade
Railway Track
How to Trade This Pattern
Double Top
How to Trade This Pattern
How to Exit Your Trade
Spinning Top/Hammer
Long Candlestick
Support and Resistance
How do you differentiate strong swings and weak swings?
How to Trade Pivot Points?
The Power of Alignment
The Power of Top Down Analysis
Forex Technical Analysis
Overall Technical Analysis , Trend Analysis
Trade Management

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