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$009IMPORTANT: Make sure to update your MT4 to the latest build (build 600). Triple Profit Winner is designed to give you best results and to work properly only with the latest version of MT4 platform.
Triple Profit Winner has been released on March 2014. This indicator is using the most up-to-date trade confirmation technology.
No wonder it can easily be called the most reliable and safe trading tool of the last couple of years.
Triple Profit Winner generates 3 signal lines to inform you of changes in trend behavior. I will explain how to interpret the lines colors further down.
The amount of signals depends on which timeframe you are using. Lower timeframes such as M5 or M15 will give you more signals, but if you use higher timeframes H1 or above, you can expect less signals but with much higher profit. It all depends on what trading style suits you the most.

Free Download Triple Profit Winner.rar
TripleProfitWinner manual.pdf

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