FAM Drone – Download FAM Drone Expert Advisor EA

cabafx.com08Leading the charge to win the worst named Forex Robot ever, is “Fam Drone“. This one also launches today, so bunker yourself in for the inevitable barrage of email attacks.

We’ll have to update you on this one after it’s released as we don’t really have enough details about Fam Drone right now. However, it claims that this Forex EA has:

– Built in money management so that the robot only trades a set percentage of your account, minimizing risk and preventing you from experiencing drastic losses.
– 5 minute easy installation, you’ll make money from day one without the hassles of learning a system or trying to fumble with complicated and bloated software.
– Monthly updates ensure that FAMDrone is always up-to-date with the current market conditions, so that you’ll never miss the opportunity to profit.

Beyond that, we don’t know what pairs it trades, or whether it’s a scalper or a “proper” trader. My money is on scalper, but we’ll let you know.



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