10 Keys to Success


I’ve just finished reading a fantastic book by John Bird. “The 10 Keys to Success.” For those of you who are not aware John Bird is the founder of ‘The Big Issue.’ It’s a fantastic read. So much so that I couldn’t contain my excitement and had to broadcast my discovery immediately. Later on I will give you the ISBN so that (if you want) you can purchase this book for your own personal library.

The book is only a short read (86 pages in total) but its content is advice well founded. I bought the book for literally pennies (199 pennies to be exact) and once again its advice is invaluable.




Bird has a humorous tone and a no nonsense approach about setting out to achieve your dreams without indulging in the romanticism of most modern day ‘self help’ literature. At the beginning of the book he makes a strong point about taking action to achieve dreams and to not just dream them into manifestation. Not that I’m against this school of thought (In fact I’ve achieved much success via these particular avenues) yet I do agree that ‘dream weaving’ does take some kind of inspired action in order to be brought into physical existence, so to speak.

His advice is motivational but yet practical and can be applied to all career paths and not necessarily just business success.

Each chapter concentrates on an area of success that Bird feels is important with sub-chapters within each that expand and add to the ‘key’ that is deemed of importance to your personal success.

This is a book that can easily be applied to our success within dance and the performing arts. Being ‘artistes’ it is all too easy to get washed away in self expressive ideals often forgetting that we have bills to pay, food to buy etc etc. This book is a brilliant reminder that our visions of success must be realistic without destroying our desire to dream and to dream big: Staying within reality yet still pushing the boundaries of our own personal comfort zones


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