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the artPart 1: Mastering ABC Corrections

ABC corrections are the most common type of correction in all markets and all time frames. Learn to identify when an ABC correction is at a reversal, and you will be able to enter a trade in the direction of the major trend. In this tutorial, you will learn how to identify if a market is in a trend and counter trend and how to identify in advance the specific price and time targets for the end of ABC corrections. You will also learn specific entry and stop strategies for ABC corrections for any market and any time frame from day trading to position trading. You will use these strategies every day for every market you trade.

Part 2: Mastering Multiple Time Frames and Multiple Unit Trade Strategies

This is a powerful tutorial to teach you how to increase the odds for each trade to be profitable with multiple time frame and multiple unit trade strategies. No matter how well positioned is your trade, you will only maximize your trade results with these trade strategies. In this tutorial, you will learn how to identify the trend direction of the higher degree time frame and execute trades on the lower time frame to reduce the capital exposure of every trade. You will also learn our multiple unit trade strategies which should help increase your net profitability over time. Multiple time frame and multiple unit trade strategies are very power techniques for trading any market and any time frame.
Part 3: Mastering Complex Corrections

Markets do not always unfold in ideal ABC corrections. In this tutorial, you will learn how to successfully identify and trade other types of corrections, such as non-typical, three-swing corrections and complex corrections. Dont miss out on these opportunities to identify almost any type of correction and be positioned for the major trend.

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