Kevin Haggerty – How To Successfully Trade The Haggerty Slim Jim Strategy For Explosive Gains

Forex00117What Is A Slim Jim and Why Should You Trade It?

A Slim Jim is a trading strategy that occurs nearly every trading day in stocks and indices (including the E-minis) which many times precedes explosive one-way moves. And now you can be taught directly by me on a bar-by-bar basis where I act as your personal coach, teaching you how to correctly trade my favorite and most explosive strategy.

Why Is The Slim Jim My Favorite Strategy?

In my 30 years of trading, including running Fidelity Capital Management’s trading desk, I have never seen a day when a Slim Jim has not taken place in the markets I am focusing on.

The gains from the Haggerty Slim Jim Strategy are potentially explosive. With Slim Jims, you can many times earn 2, 3 and 4 times your initial risk when the trade moves in your favor.

Now for the first time, you can learn my favorite strategy through my interactive training module on a bar-by-bar basis in which I act as your private trading coach. Best of all, I will teach you important aspects of the Slim Jims that I have never revealed publicly before.

Kevin Haggerty Teach You How To Make Money From Program Trading!

You’ve seen the major institutions make money day after day from program trading. Now I’ll show you how to make money along with them. I’ll show how at certain times during the day program traders and institutions trigger bursts in stocks that are in a Slim Jim formation. Much of the time, that’s all you need to make your day. I’ll teach you the precise time window to be ready and waiting for these powerful moves…every day.

Complete Trading Mastery Of Kevin Haggerty Slim Jim Strategy

1. First, Kevin Haggerty will teach you the 5 basic Slim Jim Strategies that I have used with consistent success over the years, including both the late-’90s bull market and the bear market that started in 2000. These strategies include the standard long and short Slim Jim Strategies and the long and short “Second Entry Slim Jims.” You will also learn how to catch long, extended moves off major intraday bottoms using my “Slim Jim At Lows” pattern.

Next, you will learn variations on Slim Jims that I have never revealed publicly before. These teaching modules offer me the ability to teach them in complete detail, so I am glad that I can finally share them with you through the only medium that I believe will teach it to you properly.

2. Then Kevin Haggerty will teach you how to take advantage of one of the special properties of Slim Jims that allow you to set the tightest stops of any pattern that I know. You will learn how to place your initial stop and then move the stop and strategically take pieces of the trade off in order to create no-risk trades that you can ride for the full duration of an explosive move.

3. Then the real learning begins when Kevin Haggerty drill you over and over again on the proper application of the Slim Jim strategy by training you in simulation after simulation. I will be putting you in the position of learning the strategy as you make decisions based upon real-world examples that arise nearly every day. Here’s how I will do this:

On your computer screen, you will watch price action unfold bar-by-bar. Just as in real life, you will see patterns forming and then make a conscious decision as to whether you will “buy,” “sell,” or “do nothing.” And, as if I am seated beside you, I will be giving you continual feedback with every decision you make…right or wrong. When you buy, short, place stops, trail stops, scale out and finally exit the trade, I will be by your side coaching you and helping you to quickly learn how to trade Slim Jims exactly the way that I do.

Never before, through any teaching that I have done prior to this module, have I been as confident that you will learn the real secrets of trading Slim Jims profitably.

4. Best of all, the Haggerty Slim Jim Strategy is simple to learn, and within hours, you will have enough knowledge to apply it to your trading arsenal immediately. Once you’ve graduated from my training, you will be in the position to start trading my Slim Jim Strategy as soon as the next day!

Here’s What You Will Learn Directly From Kevin Haggerty…

Kevin Haggerty will teach you the basic Haggerty Slim Jim Strategy for trading on both the long and short side of the market and how to manage your trades to maximize your gains while minimizing your risk. This includes…

* How to trade only the highest probability and most explosive Slim Jims. The Slim Jim Strategy is simple to learn. But as I will teach you, not all Slim Jims are created equal! And that means when you pounce on the best Slim Jims, you put yourself in the best position to take full advantage of the greatness of the pattern. I will show you how to exploit the best moves and not waste your ammo on less-than-optimal setups.

* How to make money from program trading. As I mentioned above, stocks burst out of Slim Jim formations nearly every day because of program trading. I will teach you how to find these program trades, pinpoint your entry points and time these entries to coincide with when these programs hit. You will know the time of day when this is most likely to happen and be fully prepared to pounce on these opportunities.

* How to trade Slim Jims effectively in any time frame…including intraday, daily and weekly! Slim Jims are not only for intraday traders. I will show you how to identify stocks that break out of Slim Jims on daily and weekly charts — and how they can go on to produce moves that last for years.

* How to know exactly when the overall market is going to trigger a powerful move off of a Slim Jim. I will teach you 5 technical clues you can easily find which will tip you off that extraordinary Slim Jim trades are about to occur. This is the way to let the market push your trade well beyond the norm to produce profits that are 3 or 4 times your initial risk.

* How to exploit one of the most beautiful aspects of Slim Jims to cut your risk to a minimum. Slim Jims by nature allow you to use tight stops. I will teach you a way to quickly judge where to place an initial stop that keeps your losses small, while still enabling the position to make potential gains 2 to 3 times your risk.

* The correct way to lock in profits when you get a move in your favor. Slim Jims are so fast moving and explosive, if you don’t quickly move your stop, you can let substantial gains slip through your fingers. I will teach you my favorite trade management techniques that will enable you to quickly lock in profits while giving winning moves enough breathing room to produce the maximum gains.

* Plus, you will learn advanced Slim Jim variations that I’m teaching for the first time!

This is the most comprehensive and complete course in the world on trading my favorite strategy, the Slim Jim Strategy. With each and every bar of the simulations, I will tell you exactly what I would tell you if I was sitting next to you as you trade.



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