Fratelli Intraday trading system

cabafx.com06Fratelli Forex Strategy Explain:
The gray zone is the time zone that we are going to trade. Basically it is the time between 07:00 GMT and 16:30 GMT. This acts as a filter to protect us from thin market hours and possible whipsaws.

Green candles indicate bullish outlook and red candles indicate bearish outlook.
The line (black and white) is moving average.
BB MACD is our last indicator to confirm that we are on the right track.fratelli-intraday-trading-system-rules
Fratelli Intraday Trading Rules:

Buy when
The candle is green, price bar closes above moving average and BB MACD indicator generates a yellow dot(+green dot)
Sell when
The candle is red, price bar closes below moving average and BB MACD indicator generates a yellow dot(+red dot)

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MA in Color.mql4
fratelli-intraday-trading-system manual.doc

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