A Practical Guide To Swing Trading

Forex Fib Trading ——-A-B-C-D Trade

Chart Intervals

Trigger 1-min
Optional Indicators
ADX Cross
Gann Hi-Lo Activator
Heiken Ashi
Keitner Channel v1
FX Sniper’s Ergidic CCI & Trigger
Forex Freedom Bars
MTF Heiken Ashi



Add 78.6 fib
Add price display to each fib line. Type in %$ after fib number.

Rules (you can use other breakout entries including break of S/R and channels):

1)London Breakout method. Measure hi/lo from Asian session (Box). Usually, entry is after candle closes outside of that hi/lo Box, the 5-min candle for example.

2)Place Stop-Loss at A) last pivot on 5-min…or B) exit when 5-min candle closes inside of the Box. Remember to factor in spread on Stop-Loss.

3)Size number of lots based on your max risk. If you are using exit B, you must set a stop-loss of a certain number of pips as a safety net. You can use something like 10 pips inside the box (plus spread if any).

4)Target profit based on fib extension from 5-min chart’s last move. If last move was small (less than about 30 pips), usually fib extension will hit 1.618% (FE 161.8%). If last move was large, target smaller level of 1.000   ou can move the stop-loss when market reaches the FE 100% extension and you either A) target the 1.618% fib, or B) take partial profit at 100% and balance at 1.618% fib

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