Abecedarian Trading System

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This system is designed for those who didn’t day-trade but wanted a system that would allow them to trade while they went on with their everyday lives. These people did not want to (or cannot) sit in front of the screen all day (as I do) but they also didn’t want ot put up with the drawdowns associated with long-term buy-and-hold strategies. In response to this need I created The Abecedarian Trading System. I chose the name Abecedarian, as it means basic or straightforward. This system is easy to learn and is designed for the novice trader. This is one of the be 1 – 5 day trading methods available. This system identifies short-term pullbacks in strongly trending stocks and pinpoints where and when to enter to participate when the trend resumes. THIS METHOD IS NOT THE HOLY GRAIL! It is, though, a very correct way to trad and it has proven itself over the years. More importantly, it applies to downtrending stocks as well as uptrending stocks which will allow you to profit no matter what type of market we are in.


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