Abid Method system

cabafx.com241Pairs: all.

Time Frame: 15 min, 30 min 1H and 4H.


1 Envelope (24, MA Simple, Close 0,38);

2 Envelope (24, MA Simple, Close 0,23);

3 Envelope (24, MA Simple, Close 0,62);

4H chart Stochastic (8,8,13);

1H chart Stochastic (14,8,13);

15 and 30 min char Stocastich (21,8,13);

Money flow index (MFI) period 21;

Relative strength index (RSI) period 14 ;

William’s percent range (%R) period 35.

Short Entry:

Red dot Shi_silvertrend appear for selling signal;Buy Entry

The trend encounter with resistance (any level of band) or end of the sugarush wave as a sign of exhaustion level, which mean the pair is suitable for selling;

The level of the stoch is at the overbought level and the stoch cross;

%R confirm the overbought level ;

RSI and MFI confirm the overbought level .

Long Entry:

the trend is likely at the end of the sugarush wave or find strong support level ;

the blue dot of Shi_silvertrend appear as a sign of buying ;

the level of the stoch is at the oversold level and waiting for the cross ;

the %R confirm oversold level;

the RSI and MFI confirm the oversold level .

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