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What the Ancients Knew – The Holographic Universe – How Consciousness Manifests Through Ordered Mathematical-Geometrical Templates – Purpose of This Book


This chapter describes the origin of applied market templates, and then develops a particular template that projects harmonic price levels that can be used for trade entry, projecting exit targets, and defining stop placement. It also serves to identify areas of consensual trading, and boundary conditions of market action. Further referenced or peripheral material covers the following: Kabbalistic Templates – Scientific Meaning of Tree of Life – Variations in Modern & Ancient Forms – Reality Fields & Conscious Energy – Mathematical-Geometrical Sequencing – Dimensionalised Frequency Bands – Energetic Description of a Market – Origins of the Gann Grid – Nodal Transmission Lines – Velocity & Angle of Pitch – Applications of Manifestation Templates – Frequency Lattice Composition – Number Vibrations – Sympathetic Resonance – Frequency Encryption – “Law of Vibration” – Numerological & Astrological Perspectives – Gann’s Mathematical Formula for Market Predictions – Gematria – Consciousness Resonance – Correspondence – Harmonic Multiples – Planetary Channels – Harmonic Sound Tones & Planetary Longitude – Harmonic “Charge” Points – Rational of Price Movement – Harmonic Boundaries – Vibrational Lattice – Support & Resistance Oscillations – Fractal Patternings – The “Inner Square”


In this chapter, the author develops a proprietary geometric tool which particularly applies to trend determination and helps to define boundary conditions of market movements with an offset factor that corrects errors due to sympathetic resonance of consensual trading. This tool serves to indicate the price, trend, and energy state of market, allowing the trader to view a market within its energetic context and thus to assess whether projected price and time points also coincide with major shifts of energy state, thus indicating bigger trading possibilities. Peripheral information includes: Electrons, Atoms & Molecules – Trend Determination – Trendline Variations – Energy States of Consciousness – Atomic Modeling – Orbital Shells – Harmonic Equilibrium – Photons & Wavelength – Energetic Quantum Mechanics – Sympathetic Resonance – Resonant Alignment – Directional Momentum – Price Trajectory – External Force Determinants – “Overshoots” – Stop Loss Orders – Why 90% of Traders Lose – Trend Exhaustion – Market Makers – “Natural” Harmonic Price Levels – Strategic Solutions – Problems with Trendlines – Gann Angles & Andrews Pitchfork – Consensual Trading – Gauging Energy States – Distortion Free Trendlines – Squaring a Chart – Recalibrating Gann Angles – Price Action & Harmonic Orbitals – Numerological Scaling Principles – Goulden Harmonic Fan – Minimalizing Capital Exposure – Harmonic Offset – Energy State Assessment – Science of Probabilities – Subtle Energy Shifts – Forex Markets – Identifying Trade Entry Points – Stop Placement – Identifying Encryption Characteristics – Vector Determination – The Vesica Piscis – Grid Calibration – Energy Demarcations – Time Fractaling


Now the author moves on to time projections and develops a new method of projecting time pivot points in advance using Pythagorean Time Harmonics. He shows how projecting this tool from multiple points creates confluence patterns that further define the most high probability turning points, and how the interaction of these projections determine specific market structures. Reference subjects include: Temporal Components – Solar Motion – Cyclical Correlates – Fundamental & Harmonic Tones – Frequency Octaves – Geometry of a Circle – Properties of Sound – Pythagorean Tone Ratios – Nodal Points – Series Units – Time Harmonics – Harmonic Time Counts – Harmonic Convergence – Polarity Inversion – Trading Sentiment – Phase Offset – Orb of Influence – Distribution of Cycle Harmonics – Harmonic Series – Compressed Nodal Points – Consciousness Field Synchronization – Phase Alignment – Market Encryption – Rotational Progression – Multiple Series Determination – Spherical Holographic Domain – Time Pulse Rhythms – Probability Vectors – Resonant Alignment – Planetary Orbital Periods – Heliocentric Orbits


Here the author moves on to develop a secondary time projection technique which is very powerful, particularly when results converge with those of the previous chapter. It projects timing points in a manner quite different from the common methodologies, and thus these timing points will be invisible to the majority of traders. Peripheral subjects and references: Holographic Properties of Reality Field – Immanent Correspondence – Fractal Replications of a Supervenient Order – Dimensional Planes – Particle/Anti-particle Systems – Counter-Rotating Electromagnetic Vortices – Differential Fields – Motions of Planets – Mechanics of Consciousness – Kepler’s 3rd Law of Planetary Motion – Impulse Vectors – Quantum Thrust of Consciousness – Vector Cycles – Implied Orbital Path – Pythagorean Time Angles – Vector Cycle Harmonics – Relative Decompression – Octave Harmonics – Trade Execution – Reversal Points – Conversion Factors – Vector Determination – Polarity Counterparts – Cyclic Imprints – Sympathetic Resonance – Pivot Formations


In this last chapter, the author develops an original third timing method which defines useful trend reversals based upon some ancient systems of astronomical determination that few people are familiar with. What is particularly significant about this technique is that it often indicates whether the projected pivot will be a high or a low. Again this time indication technique can be used both for individual trade indications and as a cross reference with the other timing methods to develop multiple confluence points indicating the most powerful pivots. Secondary references include: Basil Valentine – The Symbolic Keys – Electromagnetic “Tone” – Transits – Cyclic Origin – Vibrational Consonance – Resonant Alignment – Orientations of Tonal Counterparts – Idiosyncrasies of Precious Metals – Earth’s Energetic “Grid” System – Dynamic Markets – Nested Holographic Domains – The Unified Field – Phase Alignment & Adjustment – Inversion of Trading Sentiment – Cycle Calibration – Heliocentric Longitude – Cyclic Forces – Numerological Reduction – Planetary Vibration


Mathematical Fragmentation – Electromagnetic Sequencing of Chemical DNA – Perception of External Form – Toltec “Assemblage Point” – Harmonic Imperatives – Tapping the Properties of a Hologram – Consciousness Orientation – Unified Field – Direct Cognition – Eternal Truth




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