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www.cabafx.com00015Alpha9 EA is not free EA and it’s not commercial EA too.
You can find Alpha9 EA if you are member of “elite forex-tsd forum.”

The Alpha9 EA looks same as “Steinitz EA” because Alpha9 EA use Heiken Ashi engine and MTF engines same as Steinitz EA. But Alpha9 EA has some differences with Steiniz HAS MTF EA.

The differences are, beside use Heiken Ashi engine and Multi Time Frame (MTF) Engine, Alpha9 also use RSI and have internal Stop Loss. One thing I like best is there is an equity stop to protect 90% of the account.

The owner project1972 use Alpha9 EA on 18 pairs and said “You need a minimum of $1k to trade this system on a mini account at IBFX, $10K to trade on a standard account at IBFX, $10K to trade at FXLQ and $100K to trade at one broker without micro lots like NF, and $10K to trade at FXDD with micro lots”

I use Alpha9 EA live using FXOPEN broker on cent account.
But I don’t use 18 pairs, I only use 6 pairs and 35.000 cent balance.
So the money management should be enough.

I use it live on March 2008 for one month.
Actually the Alpha9 EA done a good job. But at that time I always watch the EA perform. When there is big floating, I manually change the TP to Break Even. After Hit Break Even, later on the price always hit the TP. Silly me 🙁

And on 26 March 2008 I stop Alpha EA with the result +1030,77 and then withdraw all the money. I think Alpha EA is not my type EA, so I don’t use it anymore.





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