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Forex00018Admit it. You’ve seen the names or symbols atop an option chain and don’t really know what they mean or how they can be used. They must be important, but do you really need to know what’s behind these Greek symbols?

In this two-hour online class, BetterTrades trading education coach Bill Corcoran will teach you how to use all the information that’s out there so you can get the most from your stock market education. That includes understanding the meaning and use of the Greeks: Delta, Gamma and Vega.

The Greeks measure sensitivity of option pricing to four factors in the model: changes in stock price, changes in time, changes in volatility and changes in interest rates.

By learning how to use these indicators, you have the potential to see trading opportunities that the untrained are simply unaware. You’ll be able to learn to pick up on nuances that have the potential to help you hone your trading skills even more.

Bill Corcoran will teach you the meaning of each of these Greeks and will show you how to implement your new-found understanding in your trades. Register today and see how learning a little Greek has the potential to make you a smarter trader.



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