Bill Corcoran – Strategic Trade Management

Forex00018Don’t be frustrated or get angry and quit when you see your trade go the wrong way! Learn how it’s possible to develop a trading system that can potentially address the challenges faced by traders in fickle markets.

In this two-hour online class, BetterTrades trading education coach Bill Corcoran will teach you how to evaluate your initial option selection, hedge the potential risk and manage the position for a better potential result. In this class you’ll learn:

• How to potentially select the proper trading candidate

• How to choose the best possible option to buy or sell

• How to prepare a contingency orders

• Ways you may use technical analysis in the process

Bill will teach you how it is possible to execute predetermined entries or exits based on a directional move, as well as manage hedged positions. He’ll even teach you how to look for additional hedging opportunities to create potential profit.

Bill uses historical examples, on both daily and intraday charts, that helps clarify the instruction. Register now and learn more about how strategic trade management might work for you.



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