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BWT Precision Indicators 3.06The Only Indicator that Plots Trade Signals and Entry Price Directly on The Bar, In Real Time
often imitated, never duplicated…
The BWT Precision Indicators and Manual Trading System
THE BWT Precision Indicators were designed to give any trader, regardless of experience or skill, a high probability method to position themselves on the right side of the market. The logic behind our indicators took years to refine into the clean, pure result that you see in our charts.
Our proprietary algorithm insures that you will not a miss major move in any time frame. Our system is not designed to pick tops and bottoms, the system will take you into a trade soon after top or bottom has been made.
We all know that the market is either going up, down or sideways consolidating). Range, (the distance between high and low) is either expanding up (bullish), expanding down (bearish) or no directional bias (consolidation) . As you can see in the charts, our indicators will tell you precisely where the balance of buyers and sellers begins to shift and a change of direction becomes imminent.

Blue Wave Trading offers BOTH Solutions: A Manual Trading System AND an AUTOMATED Trading System.

1: In Trading, a group of underlying statistical values or technical analysis algorithm plotted on a chart as a visual aide to assist YOU in making DISCRETIONARY trading decisions. An indicator that plots signals could be considered to be a “Manual Trading System”

System: sys-tem
1. Mechanical or Auto Trading System: A group of underlying RULES along with statistical values and conditions programmed into computer source code that AUTOMATES the DECISION MAKING, ORDER ENTRY and MONEY MANAGEMENT process in trading by AUTOMATICALLY executing live trades in your brokerage account.

2. Discretionary Trading System: A group of underlying statistical values and conditions that the TRADER Manually performs the DECISION MAKING, ORDER ENTRY and MONEY MANAGEMENT process by FOLLOWING his RULES From his INDICATORS or other Technical Analysis Methods

The BWT Precision Indicators provide clear concise and tradable signals that plot in real time at early stages of a beginning trend or reversal.

NO GUESSWORK…A dot is plotted on the bar, and the exact price is displayed instantly when a buy or sell level is violated.

The BWT Precision Indicators were not designed to pick market tops and bottoms. The unique and proprietary formula of our indicators will never miss a big move or sharp reversal, and allows a reasonable stop if the trade is wrong.

Our Precision stop indicator can further reduce risk by adjusting sensitivity. While there are look-alikes to our indicators, closer examination will reveal that our indicators have less false signals and more accuracy overall and are the most “user friendly”.

Equally as important, our indicators plot very obvious signals compared to our competitors.

We think our indicators are the best available Because of their elegant simplicity , certainly our competitors would love to clutter your charts with useless lines and gibberish…

We will be the first to tell you to keep furthering you education, specifically learn to interpret what the market is telling you by the patterns that form on the charts.

Doing so will make the use of our indicators more successful as you will be able to spot the highest probability trades. A picture is worth a thousand words, see for yourself the possibilities now available to you to improve your trading
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