Channel Scalper – Download Channel Scalper Expert Advisor EA

cabafx.com24   A scalper based on a moving average channel.

We scalp long if the price goes under the lower ma.

We scalp short if the price goes over the upper ma.

channeltf : timeframe of the ma channel,
uppermamethod : method of the upper ma,
uppermaperiod : period of the upper ma,
uppermaprice : price of the upper ma,
uppermargin : margin to add or substract on the upper ma,
lowermamethod : method of the lower ma,
lowermaperiod : period of the lower ma,
lowermaprice : price of the lower ma,
lowermargin : margin to add or substract on the lower ma,
longmargin : margin to add or substract to the market for long signal,
shortmargin : margin to add or substract to the market for short signal,
shift : bar in the past to take in consideration for the signal.

You have to modify the risk according to your own risk management. You have to change the gmtshift depending on your broker gmt offset. And maxspread should be set on 2 for optimal results.

Optimization done on Alpari UK.

Initial balance : 100.

EG M5. Since 1999.

Total net profit : 27841910.24%
RDD : 21.30%

Note : The MTF Moving average indicator is not needed for the EA. The strategy tester result is too heavy to be attached

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