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Receive Intensive Training Directly From David Floyd

Would You Like To Learn How To Daytrade For A Living?

Let David Floyd Show How In His New Training Module: “How I Make A Living Daytrading Stocks”

David Floyd have made my living as a professional daytrader since 1994. Today, David Floyd not only daytrade full time, but I am also an Exchange member and run my own proprietary trading firm in La Jolla, California.

David Floyd new training module, “How I Make A Living Daytrading Stocks,” I will train you to apply High Velocity Trading (HVT), the methodology upon which I have built my successful trading career.

What Is High-Velocity Trading?

HVT is fast-paced form of daytrading in which you trade brief bursts of price momentum that only occur when you see a distinct combination of movements in the S&P Futures, tick charts and the individual stock you are trading. By applying HVT, you can potentially capture sharp intraday trends trading the same 3 to 5 stocks many times each day.

How David Floyd HVT Module Is Mapped Out

In my module David Floyd will teach you how to enter into brief, fast price moves by applying my 8 specific HVT criteria. I will take you through each step using specific real-world examples. Then, once you understand my trading technique, I will then train you to apply it properly using real market action. We’ll go through 25 of my own personal trades, bar by bar. This knowledge and training is broken up in to 5 sections. Let me walk you through them now.

In Section I, David Floyd will build your base of HVT knowledge by showing you how HVT works, what its advantages are, what the trade-offs are, and how it differs from other forms of daytrading. Once you understand these basic principles, you will understand many of the unique advantages you will have, such as no “nightly research” and trading the same 3 to 5 stocks every day.

In Section II, David Floyd will teach you the basics you need in order to apply my 8 Trading HVT Trading Rules. You’ll learn about the relationship between S&P 500 Futures and equities that forms the basis for my HVT trading setups. Also, you will learn the types of stocks that are best suited for this style of trading. And I will teach you how to use the specific indicators that I apply in my rules.

In Section III, you will apply all everything I’ve taught you in Sections I and II, as I walk you through the 8 rules of my HVT Methodology in Section III. Through numerous examples, you will see how HVT setups take shape during 2 to 7 minutes preceding each trade. You will be trained to recognize the same critical sequence of events that occurs over and over again prior to successful HVT trades. And once you are entered into a trade, I will show you the fastest and most direct way to detect the onset of momentum weakness and exit before it is reflected in the price action of the stock you are trading. By working with me in this way both on the long and short side, you will learn how to make split-second trading decisions as trading setups take shape in the 1-minute time frame.

In Section IV, I will teach you some enhancements that you can apply to the core HVT Methodology which can significantly improve your trading results. You will learn how to anticipate key support and resistance levels for the best entries and exits using the Floyd Numbers. I will also teach you a variation on HVT that allows you to trade powerful reversals that occur after opening gaps. This is a strategy that I have not published prior to this module. And I will teach you how to use “bullets” in order to short stocks without having your hands tied by the “uptick rule.”

Once you have mastered the core logic behind HVT, you will learn how to apply it to your own trading.

In Section V, David Floyd will train you through a series of simulations in which you will have numerous opportunities to execute each of the 8 HVT rules. In these simulations, you will practice making trading decisions based upon my key indicators overlaid on the S&P Futures, S&P tick chart and individual stocks. I will also walk through through several opening gap trades.

Through this experience, you will learn how to successfully trade HVT in a variety of market conditions. You will learn the nuances of entries and exits. You learn how to quickly minimize losses when trades go against you. I will also test and train your ability to recognize bad setups and ignore them. And I will teach how to use HVT to trade multiple entries and exits, one right after another in the same stock.

David Floyd goal is that, once you have completed my module and reviewed the material as needed, you will not only have the knowledge, but a sufficient amount of hands-on experience with which to successfully apply my HVT Methodology to your own trading.

Here Is What You Will Learn Through David Floyd HVT Training Module

You will learn my complete daytrading methodology and trading rules. Not only that, but you will also learn numerous advanced techniques that I have not made public until now. For the first time, the interactive sequences of my trading simulations allow me to teach and demonstrate this information properly. Once you have completed my module, here is what you will know:

  • How to daytrade successfully with no nightly research and the shortest work hours in the trading world. Because you will be trading the same 3 to 5 stocks every day, there is no need for time-consuming scans in order to build a nightly hit list. If you trade HVT as mapped out in my module, your entire work day can be over within 1 to 4 hours after the open.
  • How to daytrade successfully both a bull and a bear market. After the current bear market began in early 2000, I continued to trade the same way that I had in the late 90s with no significant changes to my basic HVT Methodology. You can successfully trade HVT, regardless of whether you are applying it during a bull or bear market.
  • How to fade the opening gap. I will teach you how, with only one modification to my standard HVT trading rules, you can trade powerful reversals that occur after shortly after the market gaps open. I have not published this technique until now in this module.

David Floyd will teach you the strategy that allows you to trade

sudden bursts of momentum like these — many times in one day.

  • How to short stocks without having your hands tied by the “uptick rule.” You will learn how to use bullets and conversions in order to enter short positions just as downward momentum is beginning without having to wait for an uptick.
  • The most error-free way to enter tradable pullbacks in powerful trends. It’s all too easy to enter bad trades if you focus on the noise price charts in the 1-minute time frame. I will show you an indicator I use which effectively filters out that noise so that you can accurately identify and enter tradable pullbacks.
  • How to enter and exit one stock multiple times in a single day. In some of my simulations, I will take you through a series of trades within one stock on a single day. You will learn how to enter trades each time that a stock pauses during an extended intraday trend in order to potentially extract the greatest possible gains from a momentum move.
  • How to capture trades both on the long and short side in the same stock on the same day. I will show you how to seamlessly switch your trading direction back and forth between longs and shorts on days which provide you with tradable trends on the up- and downside.
  • How to use tick charts to time split-second entries and exits. The basis of HVT is to identify short pauses within trends and then pinpoint the moment when momentum is strongly rebounding. I will teach you the specific easily identifiable patterns in tick charts that enable you to detect the onset of momentum moves.



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