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cabafx.com25Destiny ProV2 Maximum Performance Expert Advisor

The new ProV2 expert advisor is designed to bring maximum performance to the forex trader like no other expert advisor in existence.

The DestinyPro2 uses an advanced trading approach that leads to the highest win percentage and lowest drawdown for the trader.

Method of trading

The DestinyProV2 uses a highly accurate and fine tuned method of scalping the EURCHF and EURGBP currency pairs.  These pairs trade in a range that can be calculated accurately for precise entry to the market.

How the ProV2 Enters a Trade

1. When 4 indicators detect that the currency pair is trading in a narrow channel during the Asian session .  See screenshot of trade set up here

2.  When the market movement index and the channel calculation detect a move toward the buy or sell direction a trade is placed.

3.  Each trade is entered with a pre-determined profit target and stop loss


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