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cabafx.com27Installation of DestinyADX-EURUSD Free Expert Advisor


To activate the DestinyADX-EURUSD go to

It will be activated for 30 days time.

After downloading and extracting the files, follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Save the DestinyADX-EURUSD.ex4 to C:\Program Files\Broker Name\experts

Step 2
Save the DestinyADX-EURUSD.dll file to the experts/libraries folder of your Metatrader 4
The path for it is C:\Program Files\Broker Name\experts\libraries
Close out the Metatrader 4 interface and reopen it

Setup Instructions

This EA works only on the EURUSD currency pair and on a 30 minute chart
Double click on DestinyADX-EURUSD in Navigator window
In common tab check box “Allow live trading”
Check box “Allow DLL imports”  Uncheck box “confirm function calls”
Click OK


MaxRisk:  This is the percent risk for each trade opened by the DestinyADX-EURUSD
If you set it to 1 it will be 1 percent risk for each trade.  If you set it to 10 it is 10 percent risk for each trade.

After installation

When you attach to the EURUSD chart you will see message “loading system…”
Once it is finished loading you will see message “system successfully loaded”
When the market is closed and there are no ticks of price you will get the “loading system message”
again but when market opens it will go away  If after market opens you still get this message
toggle the time frame between the 30 minute chart and another time frame so the system can reload.
Make sure we have your account number in our system or you will get a message “error loading system”
and system will not run.

Backtesting the DestinyADX-EURUSD

At top of metatrader Go to Tools>Options>Expert Advisors and check the box for “allow dll imports” then
uncheck the box “confirm dl function calls” click on OK

Run strategy tester on “Every tick” mode

The backtesting results shown are using the MaxRisk set to 10

Please use a lower risk than this to avoid excessive drawdown


Click Here to Download

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