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NoBSFXA new workshop that focuses just on Forex trading by Jaime Johnson, the chief technical analyst for the DT Reports. Over seven hours of practical trade strategies and trade management for Forex Traders

Are You Tired of Weeding Through All the Bull S#%T Forex Material Out There?

Let Me Introduce to You a Seven Hour No B.S. Educational Workshop Teaching a Practical Approach to Trading The Forex Market.

Do you know how fast you can lose $500 in the Forex Market?

In a matter of seconds!

Do you know how much it costs to learn a no BS practical approach to successfully trading Forex?

Less than $500.

Do you see where I am going with this?

For only $395 you can learn practical trade strategies to help lead you towards a successful career in Forex trading. With seven hours of educational material, it doesn’t matter if your are a beginner or seasoned trader, a day-trader, swing/position trader or a longer term trader, this workshop will benefit every type of trader in every Forex market.

The information in the first two sections alone is worth more than $500, much less the entire 7 hour workshop for only $395.

Section 1 helps you determine what kind of trader you are which helps you determine your risk threshold and what types of trade set-ups you should take. Section 2 teaches the essential ingredients for successful trading including a comprehensive money management approach. Crucial information for new and experienced traders!

The following nine sections are comprehensive building blocks teaching over ten objective trade strategies with not only logical places to enter trades in the direction of momentum, but also logical places for protective stop-losses to control loss, as well as exit strategies to maximize profit.

Just a few things you will learn in the workshop:

* Momentum (oscillators)

* Trend and countertrend (correction) characteristics

* Fibonacci price and time targets

* Trading multiple units

* Trading in the direction of the higher degree time frame trend

* much moreWorkshop Content

Section 1:How to Use this Workshop and What Kind of Trader are You

Section 2: Money Management and Other Essential Trading Ingredients

Section 3: The Elements Behind Our Trading Analysis and Strategies

Section 4: Basic Entry and Exit Strategies

Section 5: An Introduction to Corrections

Section 6: Trading the End of Corrections

Section 7: ABCDE Correction Trade Strategies and Adding a Higher Degree Time frame

Section 8: Multiple Unit and Exit Strategies for Corrections

Section 9: Trading Five-Wave Patterns

Section 10: Multiple Unit Exit Strategies for Five-Wave Patterns

Section 11: Wrap Up – More Trade Examples Putting Together What We Have Learned

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