Download EWI – Wayne Gorman – How to Trade Choppy, Sideways Markets Strategies for Managing “Combination” Corrections

55Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman teaches you how to turn a potentially aggravating trading “nightmare” into a trading opportunity by explaining common misconceptions about choppy, sideways markets as well as how to establish entry, stop, target and exit levels when this occurs.

Here’s what you learn:

How to convert “messy” choppy trading situations into opportunities by understanding:

How combinations differ from single corrective structures

How combinations are structured in terms of subdivisions and shape

What are the two different types of combinations

How to anticipate when combinations will occur

What rules and guidelines govern subdivisions of combinations

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about combinations

How to set entry, stop, price target, and exit levels when trading combinations

How combinations differ from double and triple zigzags

And finally: How to turn a potentially aggravating, trading “nightmare” into a trading opportunity

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