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Fratelli BB MACD indicator is based on Moving Average Convergence-Divergence indicator. Fratelli BB MACD is a very useful indicator when it comes to calculating trends’ strength and weakness. It also provides accuracy as it can point out trend changes.

Fratelli BB MACD consists of 3 different colored dots and shown in a separate window on the chart.

The period for the moving averages can vary, but the most commonly used parameters are:

FastLen (fast moving average period) = 12
SlowLen (slow moving average period) = 26
Length (moving average and the standard deviation parameter) = 10
BarsCount (the maximum number of bars used in calculations) = 400
StDv (standard deviation) = 2.5

How To Trade With Fratelli BB MACD

Buy Signal: The Fratelli BB MACD line crosses above the zero line (i.e. green dots)

Sell Signal: The Fratelli BB MACD line crosses below the zero line (i.e. pink dots)

Additional Notes: You can also identify divergences between the price movement of the currency pair and indicator behavior. You should pay attention to price-indicator differences to notice possible trend reversals.


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