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Building a Better Trader - Glen Ring

Glen is one of the nation’s most respected market technicians. He has been involved in the futures markets for more than 25 years as a producer, hedger and trader. Author of the popular View on Futures newsletter, he provides information, education, research and support for traders and producers.

Building a Better Trader – Volume 1: Laying the Foundation

Cut your losses short and let your winners run wild. It sounds so simple, yet even some of the most experienced traders can’t really explain how to do it well. In this information-packed video, veteran trading pro Glen Ring cuts to the chase and reveals some specific methods you can use to jump on board the big trends and ride them down the rails to major profits. More importantly, he explains how to use each of these methods to build better trades. After introducing you to the key components of successful trading, Glen will discuss why it’s so important that your trading has structure. Finally, he’ll show you how to differentiate between the management and mechanics of the business of trading.


1. Beginning

2. I Guarantee It

3. The Holy Grail

4. What Is Your Persepctive?

5. Are You Willing?

6. 4 Levels of Learning

7. I Was Struggling

8. Money Management

9. Strong Foundation

10. Keep It Simple

11. Discipline

12. What Is Success?

13. Success in Tradng

14. The Fish Test

15. Testimonials

16. Trade School

17. 10 Trading Rules

18. Final Word

Building a Better Trader – Volume 2: Building the Structure

The beliefs and actions of professional traders differ greatly from those of the vast majority of amateurs. One major difference between the two is that professional traders have learned how to approach the markets as a business. For example, professional traders view equipment, services, losing trades and commissions as expenditures and winning trades as income. In Volume Two of this series, Glen Ring will help build the framework for your trading career. As part of this process, he will show you how to get down to the business of making money in the markets and introduce you to five essential rules every successful trader must know.


1. Beginning

2. I Guarantee it

3. Self-Worth

4. Mistakes in Trading

5. Trader vs. Analyst

6. Money Management

7. Milking Cows

8. Business Management

9. The Rules of Trading

10. Trading as a Business

11. Identifying Opportunity

12. The Fish Test

13. Testimonials

14. Trade School

15. 10 Trading Rules

16. Final Word

Building a Better Trader – Volume 3: Using the Right Tool for the Job

It’s amazing how many investors dive head-first into trading before they understand how the markets work. In Volume Three of this series, Glen Ring will teach you how to view the markets from an analyst’s point of view. You’ll discover why markets trend and why they go sideways – and why learning how to recognize these situations can be extemely valuable. You’ll also learn four different ways to identify support and resistance and you’ll become familiar with some specific tools you can use to identify trends. Finally, you’ll learn how markets behave at certain junctures and how learning this information can be useful in building a winning trading structure.


1. Beginning

2. I Guarantee It

3. Up, Down and Sideways

4. Support and Resistance

5. Trendlines

6. Old Lows Making New Highs

7. Picking Tops and Bottoms

8. W.D. Gann

9. Divide by Eight

10. How Markets Behave

11. Market Pauses

12. Trade with the Trend

13. Higher Highs and Higher Lows

14. Lower Highs and Lower Lows

15. Reactions

16. Four Tick Rule

17. Reaction Lows

18. Reaction Highs

19. Potential Trend Change

20. The Fish Test

21. Testimonials

22. Trade School

23. 10 Trading Rules

24. Final Word

Building a Better Trader – Volume 4: Adding the Finishing Touches

In the fourth and final volume of this series, you’ll discover how to combine what you learned in the first three volumes into a simple, but effective trading approach. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as professional trader Glen Ring shows you some valuable tools and techniques you can use to lay down a foundation on which to build your own successful trading structure. After completing this program you’ll know how to apply some of Glen’s most powerful, time-tested trading ideas to recognize potentialy explosive moves – and get in and get out of the markets for the maximum profits.


1. Beginning

2. I Guarantee It

3. Trading Range Breakout

4. Sideways Trading

5. O.J. Breakout

6. Fear Greed

7. Coffee

8. 2 Components of a Breakout

9. Live Cattle

10. Too Close to the Markets

11. No Number Surprises Me

12. Now the Rest of the Story

13. Five Steps

14. Q and A

15. The Fish Test

16. Testimonials

17. Trade School

18. 10 Trading Rules

19. Final Word



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