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gmmWe have the experienced as GMMA Short caught our own interest and that we didn’t pay a single dime for this great indicator. We would be foolish to not consider this Forex currency indicator as free.

Conclusively this mq4 code worked with various other indicators such as MT4 and Meta Trader 5, the possibility of it working with other versions of metatrader is high. With such test we can ensure the buyers and user that there will be no issues in compatibility .

If you like or find this GMMA Short is an excellent indicator for Forex please don’t fail to remember to rate the indicator. Please comment in our posts about RS indicator. Perhaps, you’d post on using it appropriately or just what the finest option for trading with it. Your honest ratings and also comments are always necessary since it will always assist other currency exchange traders to take or perhaps select indicators.

Choosing the best indicators is the priority of Forex traders. Best decisions are manufactured according to the trading industry by acquiring free GMMA Short indicator. The internet world is likely to make it simple for individuals to get Forex indicators just like GMMA Short and have easy access. These are downloadable without any cost attach making much greater traders.


[php]</pre><p>//+------------------------------------------------------------------+<br />//| Guppy Mulitple Moving Average (Short).mq4 |<br />//| Code written by - Matt Trigwell |<br />//| |<br />//+------------------------------------------------------------------+</p><p>// ***** For information on how to use this fantastic indicator *****<br />//<br />//<br />//</p><p>// ***** INSTRUCTIONS *****<br />// Add the GMMA Short indicator and the GMMA Long indicator to your charts.<br />// This is the GMMA Short indicator</p><p><br />#property copyright "Code written by - Matt Trigwell"</p><p><br />#property indicator_chart_window<br />#property indicator_buffers 5<br />#property indicator_color1 ForestGreen<br />#property indicator_color2 ForestGreen<br />#property indicator_color3 ForestGreen<br />#property indicator_color4 ForestGreen<br />#property indicator_color5 ForestGreen</p><p>//---- buffers<br />double ExtMapBuffer1[];<br />double ExtMapBuffer2[];<br />double ExtMapBuffer3[];<br />double ExtMapBuffer4[];<br />double ExtMapBuffer5[];</p><p>//+------------------------------------------------------------------+<br />//| Custom indicator initialization function |<br />//+------------------------------------------------------------------+<br />int init()<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> {<br />//---- indicators<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> SetIndexStyle(0,DRAW_LINE);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> SetIndexBuffer(0,ExtMapBuffer1);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> SetIndexStyle(1,DRAW_LINE);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> SetIndexBuffer(1,ExtMapBuffer2);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> SetIndexStyle(2,DRAW_LINE);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> SetIndexBuffer(2,ExtMapBuffer3);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> SetIndexStyle(3,DRAW_LINE);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> SetIndexBuffer(3,ExtMapBuffer4);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> SetIndexStyle(4,DRAW_LINE);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> SetIndexBuffer(4,ExtMapBuffer5);<br />//----<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> return(0);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> }</p><p>int deinit()<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> {<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> return(0);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> }</p><p>int start()<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> {<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> int i,j,limit,counted_bars=IndicatorCounted();<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> <br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> <br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> if(counted_bars&lt;0) return(-1);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> if(counted_bars&gt;0) counted_bars--;<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> limit=Bars-counted_bars;<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> <br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> for(i=0; i&lt;limit; i++){<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> ExtMapBuffer1[i]=iMA(NULL,0,3,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,i);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> ExtMapBuffer2[i]=iMA(NULL,0,7,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,i);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> ExtMapBuffer3[i]=iMA(NULL,0,10,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,i);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> ExtMapBuffer4[i]=iMA(NULL,0,12,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,i);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> ExtMapBuffer5[i]=iMA(NULL,0,15,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,i);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> }</p><p>return(0);<br /><%%KEEPWHITESPACE%%> }<br />//+------------------------------------------------------------------+</p><pre>[/php]

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