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ibigThe I BigBarsFromH1 is such a great indicator as we could just located it on the web and the greatest thing about it is that it is a free currency trading indicator.

More than likely this mql file works with all the different types of Meta Trader out in the market, after properly testing it with MT4 (Metatrader 4) and MT5. With these test we can assure the buyers and user there will be no issues in compatibility .

If you find I BigBarsFromH1 as helpful indicator for Forex, then you can rate the indicator and present several feedbacks and ideas and post it on the comment section. We will be pleased when you do that. Together with your remarks, ratings and reviews, you can also assist your fellow FX investors to try out such indicators.

As Forex traders we must keep on seeking much better indicators to trade a lot more appropriately and we hope this free I BigBarsFromH1 indicator will help you to locate trade more appropriately or even take much better trade choices and also make better profit. We place a whole lot of effort in searching for the best Forex indicators just like I BigBarsFromH1. After which, we can then acquire them uploaded on our website which in return offer people a chance to download it without any money charges and add a lot more greater traders.


//| i-BigBarsFromH1.mq4 |
//| تèى بمîًü آ. aka KimIV |
//| |
//| حà ÷àٌîâîى مًàôèêه ïîêàçûâàهٍ ٌâه÷è ٌٍàًّèُ زش |
#property copyright “تèى بمîًü آ. aka KimIV”
#property link “”

#property indicator_chart_window

//—- آيهّيèه ïàًàىهًٍû ———————————————
extern int TFBar = 3; // دهًèîن ٌٍàًّèُ ٌâه÷هê
extern int NumberOfBar = 50; // تîëè÷هٌٍâî ٌٍàًّèُ ٌâه÷هê
extern int offsetHour = -2; // رىهùهيèه ÷àٌîâ
extern color ColorUp = Aqua; // ضâهٍ âîٌُîنےùهé ٌâه÷è
extern color ColorDown = Pink; // ضâهٍ يèٌُîنےùهé ٌâه÷è

//——- أëîلàëüيûه ïهًهىهييûه ————————————–

//| Custom indicator initialization function |
void init() {
int i;

for (i=0; i<NumberOfBar; i++) {
ObjectDelete(“BodyH”+TFBar+”Bar” + i);
ObjectDelete(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar” + i);
for (i=0; i<NumberOfBar; i++) {
ObjectCreate(“BodyH”+TFBar+”Bar” + i, OBJ_RECTANGLE, 0, 0,0, 0,0);
ObjectCreate(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar” + i, OBJ_TREND, 0, 0,0, 0,0);

//| Custor indicator deinitialization function |
void deinit() {
// سنàëهيèه îلْهêٍîâ
for (int i=0; i<NumberOfBar; i++) {
ObjectDelete(“BodyH”+TFBar+”Bar” + i);
ObjectDelete(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar” + i);

//| Custom indicator iteration function |
void start() {
int shb=0, sh1=1, d;
double po, pc; // ضهيû îٍêًûٍèے è çàêًûٍèے ٌٍàًّèُ ٌâه÷هê
double ph=0, pl=500; // ضهيû ُàé è ëîَ ٌٍàًّèُ ٌâه÷هê
datetime to, tc, ts; // آًهىے îٍêًûٍèے, çàêًûٍèے è ٍهيهé ٌٍàًّèُ ٌâه÷هê

if (Period()!=60) Comment(“بينèêàٍîً i-BigBarsFromH1 ïîننهًوèâàهٍ زش ٍîëüêî ح1!”);
else {
if (MathMod(TFBar,2)==0) d=TFBar/2; else d=TFBar/2+1;
pc = Close[0];
tc = Time[0];
// ءهوèى ïî ٌٍàًّèى ٌâه÷êàى
while (shb<NumberOfBar) {
// ءهوèى ïî ÷àٌîâûى ٌâه÷êàى
ph = MathMax(ph, High[sh1-1]);
pl = MathMin(pl, Low[sh1-1]);
ts = StrToTime(TimeToStr(Time[sh1-d], TIME_DATE)+” “+TimeHour(Time[sh1-d])+”:30″);
if (MathMod(TimeHour(Time[sh1])+1+offsetHour, TFBar)==0/* || TimeDay(Time[sh1])!=TimeDay(Time[sh1-1])*/) {
po = Open[sh1-1];
to = Time[sh1-1];
ObjectSet(“BodyH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_TIME1, to);
ObjectSet(“BodyH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_PRICE1, po);
ObjectSet(“BodyH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_TIME2, tc);
ObjectSet(“BodyH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_PRICE2, pc);
ObjectSet(“BodyH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_STYLE, STYLE_SOLID);
ObjectSet(“BodyH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_BACK, True);
ObjectSet(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_TIME1, ts);
ObjectSet(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_PRICE1, ph);
ObjectSet(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_TIME2, ts);
ObjectSet(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_PRICE2, pl);
ObjectSet(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_STYLE, STYLE_SOLID);
ObjectSet(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_WIDTH, 3);
ObjectSet(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_BACK, True);
ObjectSet(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_RAY, False);
if (po<pc) {
ObjectSet(“BodyH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_COLOR, ColorUp);
ObjectSet(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_COLOR, ColorUp);
} else {
ObjectSet(“BodyH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_COLOR, ColorDown);
ObjectSet(“ShadowH”+TFBar+”Bar”+shb, OBJPROP_COLOR, ColorDown);
pc = Close[sh1];
tc = Time[sh1];
ph = 0;
pl = 500;
ph = MathMax(ph, High[sh1]);
pl = MathMin(pl, Low[sh1]);

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