Download Jeff Drake – Trade Management: The Key to Trading Success Seminar

Jeff Drake - Trade Management - The Key to Trading Success Seminar

This seminar covers the importance of Trade Management, the basic concepts used by successful traders, and how the process can be automated in OmniTrader.

The best way to manage risk while trading is to take a systematic approach. By looking at the three primary aspects of Trade Management, Protecting Equity, Protecting Profits and Staying in the Market, we can formulate a set of rules that will be used on each and every trade. Applying these rules puts the odds in our favor, enabling us to win consistently and unlock the profit potential of any market.

After thoroughly covering the kinds of stops one should consider using, Jeff reveals the trade plan process and provides guidance on how to set up the best possible trade plan, given the conditions of a specific trade. Now OmniTrader users can establish trade plans and follow them in their trading with the help of the program. This seminar will give you a head start down the right path.

This seminar covers:

The 3 Keys to Trading Success

Protecting Your Equity

Protecting Your Profits

Being in the Market

Developing a Trade Plan

Using Technical Analysis to Manage a Trade

OmniTrader´s Trade Management Tools

An Introduction to OmniTrader TradePlans

Money Management Tips




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