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Forex Conquered - John PersonIf you intend on successfully trading in today’s foreign exchange market, you need to be familiar with the strategies and systems that can help you capture consistent profits and effectively manage risk. Nobody knows this better than author John Person. With almost thirty years of experience in the trading business—as a broker, trader, and teacher of traders—Person understands what it takes to make it in this fast-paced environment, and with Forex Conquered, he wants to show you how.

Whether you’re a position trader, swing trader, or day trader, Forex Conquered can show you how to successfully navigate this dynamic market by using proven technical analysis techniques. Filled with in-depth insight, expert advice, and detailed examples, this book presents you with a comprehensive set of trading tools and reliable trading tactics that can be applied to everyday forex trading. And through discussions of different issues associated with trading the currency market, it also provides you with the knowledge needed to properly enter a position; identify a trade setup, trigger, or entry execution order; effectively place stops; and exit a trade without hesitation.

Written with the serious trader in mind, Forex Conquered:

* Examines what it takes to develop a trading system, how to evaluate it from a hypothetical standpoint, and apply it in real-world forex trading situations

* Covers the fundamentals of candlestick charting and explains how to utilize them

* Highlights the benefits that leading price indicators like Fibonacci price corrections, extensions, and projections analysis have to offer

* Introduces Elliott wave theory and illustrates how to apply this method in the forex market

* Outlines three effective trading systems based on pivot points—the stochastics system, the MACD histogram system, and the pivot point moving average system—that can be immediately implemented in your forex trading endeavors

* Explores essential trade and risk management issues

In addition to the valuable information found throughout these pages, this book’s companion CD contains a Fibonacci calculator as well as a pivot point calculator, which can assist you in developing a trading plan without having to purchase extra software. Best of all, these calculators may give you an edge in determining longer-term price objectives, such as quarterly or annual price outlooks, which most software cannot do. The CD also includes six separate tutorials totaling more than 40 minutes of one-on-one instruction.

You can achieve success in today’s foreign exchange market, and Forex Conquered can show you how. This practical guide will help you make the most informed trading decisions possible and show you how to profit from one of the largest financial markets in the world.



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