Download Ken Goldberg – Mindset of a Market Maker

Ken Goldberg - Mindset of a Market Maker

Ken gives his insights into how the smart money is always ahead of the crowd (dumb money), and how you can start to think like a market maker.

Ken Goldberg is a Registered Investment Adviser, and is the president and chief market strategist at Trading With Waves. He has over two decades of market experience, beginning in the 1980s at then-powerhouse Drexel Burnham Lambert. He spent two years at the Chicago Board Options Exchange managing a team of floor traders. After a number of years at Merrill Lynch International Private Bank and Bank of America Investments, Goldberg focused his knowledge and experience on the growing day trading industry. His multi-city Bandit University trained individual traders in using the early versions of his decision support models to compete with professional and proprietary traders.

In 2007, Ken used his methods to win the Q3 E-mini Index Trading contest in the World Cup Advisors Trading Championship, with +121% net performance.


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