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the lightThe Money Tree Course is an excellent home study course that teaches individuals how to trade futures in the commodities market

Larry will teach you

How to tell when the market super-powers are expecting a major price shift. How to see in two seconds what they are doing in their own accounts

How to catch a ride on seasonal indicators. A few of them have a 20-year accuracy record of nearly 100%

How to find your own trading style that you’ll feel 100% at ease with. When to enter a trade. And when to get out for maximum profits

How you can usually tell in advance which way a “sideways” market is going to break (up or down)

How and when the price of a plane ticket and a fancy dinner will repay you 1,000 to 1

Four indicators /techniques that will bring you automatic winnings over 80% of the time

The two distinct types of bull markets, and how you should play them differently for the highest profits

How you can easily avoid the expensive mistakes made by even the most skilled traders

How much to pay your broker for a trade (most beginners pay way too much)

How one of my pet formulas will often show you several days in advance which way a market will go (even when it’s rapidly moving the other direction at the moment!)

Why MOC, the initials for the trading term “market on close,” should really stand for “murder on close” -How to make up your mind when faced with messy data

Why you shouldn’t waste a lot of time trying to analyze the many cycles supposedly hidden in roller-coaster price charts … and why you should learn about the two cycles that really matter (the obvious ones that hardly anyone ever talks about!)

Why you should never ask the question, “How did my contract do since yesterday’s close?”

Why my most famous indicator of all time is, I’m afraid to say, overrated. (It’s worked great for thirty years, but not for all the things people claim it does.)

What crucial fact you must know about Fridays and Mondays

Why you should absolutely avoid becoming a devoted follower of some guy who is this month’s hottest name in trading

Why exit signals are way more important than entry signals… even though most traders spend most of their time on entry signals!

How to make money even when you’re wrong. This is just a general sampling. You’ll find much more in “The Money Tree: The Williams Way to Wealth

Indicators and Studies offered in the Money Tree Package :

* Market Sentiment

* Commitments of Traders

* Commercial Position Index

* DMI (Adx-Adxr)

* Stochastics (Fast & Slow)

* Spreads

* RSI relative strength

* Moving Averages

* Bollinger Bands

* Williams %R

* Target Shooter

* Zero Balance

* Swing Points

* Trend Lines


* ASCII Format Conversion

* Build Continuous Contracts

* Omega Paste Conversion

* Next Bar Forcast

* Rate Change Momentum

* Williams Accumu- lation/Distribution

* Total Volume & Open Int

* Contract Volume & Open Int.

* Ultimate Oscillator

* Patterns for Profits (Auto highlighting of the powerful patterns taught in the 800 Book)

* Pattern Scan (Auto searches for any new patterns)

* Seasonal Extractor (Trended and Detrended Seasonals on Daily, Weekly, Monthly Charts)


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