Download Lawrence McMillan – Option Strategist Online Seminar Series

Larry McMillian - Option Strategist Online Seminar Series

A unique high-caliber interactive on-line seminar experience. You too can have the opportunity to learn about option trading strategies from the foremost option trader in the industry.

You’ll learn directly from one of the most respected and revered experts in the field without traveling. You will be amazed at the amount of immediately useful and practical knowledge.

The online seminar series has been designed to offer an educational platform for all levels of traders. There is something for everyone.

The Basics of Options

(For Beginning and Novice Traders)

* The Basics: Stock & Index Options

* Basic Spreads & Straddles

* Covered Call Writing

* Naked Option Writing

* Speculative Option Buying

The Predictive Power of Options

(For Novice and Experienced Traders)

* Advanced Spreading Techniques

* Expiration & Program Trading

* LEAPS Strategies

* Predicting Takeovers and Other Corporate News Events

* Using Put-Call Ratios

Advanced Concepts

(For Experienced Traders)

* Insurance Using Options

* Intermarket Spreads & Pairs Trading

* Option Modeling and the Greeks

* Structured Products

* Why Trade Volatility – Part I

* Why Trade Volatility – Part II




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