Download Mql4 video course : Lesson 9.1 And 9.2 And 9.3

9-2LESSON 9.1 We Learn How a Moving Average is Really Drawn

We make an interesting Moving Average in this one..

This is the first video in a series where we make a self-adjusting Moving Average using the MaAdjuster() function we made in video 8, We will build it one line at a time explaining all the terms and functions as we go.You will learn how a moving average is really drawn on your chart and also all about the arrays that are created when you open a chart and what they do.
LESSON 9.2 SetIndexBuffer(),SetIndexStyle(), SetIndexLabel(),SetIndexDrawBegin(), iMA(),Arrows,Wingdings

In this video we learn about the nuts and bolts of what makes and indicator work. Also the difference betwween Ma_shift and Shift….

This is part 2 of lesson 9. In this video we continue to build our Auto_Adjust_Ma. In this lesson we will Learn how to create an Array and setup our Index that will actuallly draw the line on the chart. We will learn about SetIndexBuffer, SetIndesDrawBegin, SetIndexStyle,SetIndexlabel. Also we learn about drawing arrows and what windings are.
We explore the iMa() function and put it together one parameter at a time.. finally at the end I explain the difference between the ‘Ma_Shift’ and the ‘Shift’ settings in the iMA() function. There are only a few lines of code left to write, but alot of explaing to do about them… enjoy… Can anyone recommend a good headset? Mine sounds like junk.. I want one that will make me sound like Elvis
LESSON 9.3 We finish the Ma and learn about the for loop

After this video you will know more about a for loop than you ever wanted to know…

In this video we finish making the Auto_Adjusting_Ma. You get a story about losing your marbles and a new way to use a telephone… All of the mystery of the ‘for’ loop is demistified.. and what the heck is this IndicatorCounted() thing for? ALSO I make a special announcement at the end…. so make sure you watch it all…. No matter how painful it may be…..




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