Download LSMA Ind 01b indicators

lmd 01Moreover, the LSMA Ind 01b is truly a fantastic indicator as ample of effort and time is no longer necessary as we can simply find it over the internet. plus it is a cost-free Fx indicator.

With the utilization of this particular mq4, we’ve made some tests . And it works wonderfully. It’s very compatible in both MT4 and Meta Trader 5 platform and could function to other MT platforms also. If you want more LSMA Ind 01b kind of indicators it’s possible to search this Forex Moving Average Indicators division where you can get a huge number of similar indicators.

We’ll be happy if you can rate the indicator and throw in some of your comments or ideas by posting it in the comment area when you are already settled to employ this LSMA Ind 01b and find this indicator as good for Forex. Along with your comments, ratings and reviews, you can also help your fellow FX investors to try such indicators.

As foreign currency traders we have to keep on searching for greater indicators to trade much more precisely and that we hope this free LSMA Ind 01b indicator will help you to locate trade more precisely or take much better trade decisions and also make better profit. We put a whole lot of effort in searching for the best Forex indicators such as LSMA Ind 01b. After which, we can then get them uploaded on our website which in return offer individuals a chance to download it with no money charges and include much more better traders.

//| |
//| Copyright © 2004, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |
//| |
#property copyright “Copyright © 2005, FX Sniper ”
#property link “”

//—- indicator settings
#property indicator_chart_window
#property indicator_buffers 3
#property indicator_color1 Yellow
#property indicator_color2 Green
#property indicator_color3 Red

//—- buffers
double ExtMapBuffer1[];
double ExtMapBuffer2[];
double ExtMapBuffer3[];
int width;

extern int Rperiod = 34;
extern int Draw4HowLong = 500;

int shift;
int i;
int loopbegin;
double sum[];
int length;
double lengthvar;
double tmp ;
double wt[];
int c;

//| Custom indicator initialization function |
int init()
//—- 2 additional buffers are used for counting.

//—- drawing settings

SetIndexStyle(2, DRAW_LINE, STYLE_SOLID, 2);
SetIndexStyle(1, DRAW_LINE, STYLE_SOLID, 2);
SetIndexStyle(0, DRAW_LINE, STYLE_SOLID, 2);

//—- initialization done

int start()

//Draw4HowLong = Bars-Rperiod – 5;
length = Rperiod;
loopbegin = Draw4HowLong – length – 1;

for(shift = loopbegin; shift >= 0; shift–)
sum[1] = 0;
for(i = length; i >= 1 ; i–)
lengthvar = length + 1;
lengthvar /= 3;
tmp = 0;
tmp = ( i – lengthvar)*Close[length-i+shift];
wt[shift] = sum[1]*6/(length*(length+1));

//========== COLOR CODING ===========================================

ExtMapBuffer3[shift] = wt[shift]; //red
ExtMapBuffer2[shift] = wt[shift]; //green
ExtMapBuffer1[shift] = wt[shift]; //yellow

// for(c=loopbegin;c==shift;c++)
// {
if (wt[shift+1] > wt[shift])
ExtMapBuffer2[shift+1] = EMPTY_VALUE;
// ObjectCreate(“smiley_face”, OBJ_ARROW, 0, Time[shift], Low[shift]-Point*20);
// Print(“time= “,Time[shift]);
// ObjectSet(“smiley_face”, OBJPROP_ARROWCODE, 242);
// ObjectSet(“smiley_face”, OBJPROP_COLOR , Red);
// ObjectSet(“smiley_face”, OBJPROP_WIDTH , 1);
// ObjectsRedraw();

//ExtMapBuffer3[shift+1] = EMPTY_VALUE;
//ExtMapBuffer3[shift+1] = EMPTY_VALUE;

else if (wt[shift+1] < wt[shift])
ExtMapBuffer1[shift+1] = EMPTY_VALUE; //-1 red/greem tight
//ExtMapBuffer3[shift+1] = EMPTY_VALUE;







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