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It is impossible to use a single indicator to generate trading signals because the market conditions vary from time to time. There are times that the forex market moves like a thunder and there are times that the currency pairs move slower than a turtle. Due to the fact that most of the indicators depend on volatility, many trading systems fail.

Moving averages can help us to identify if the market is trending or moving inside a range by just examining their angle.

MA Angle should not be used as the only indicator to trade. You can use it as a separate tool to decide if the market is volatile enough to move in a direction. It will greatly reduce the number of false signals, unnecessary noise in your trading system.


How To Read MA Angle Indicator

Green bars: The price action and volatility are strong enough to support bullish trend.

Yellow bars: The price action and volatility are strong enough to support bearish trend.

Red bars: The market lacks volatility and volume, there is no certain trend.

Additional Notes:
1. Due the fact that currency pairs have different characteristics, you may want to change variables to get the best results.

2. While using long-term time frames, it might be better to change “MA Period” variable to a smaller value.


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