Download Markay Latimer – Beating the Market With Bollinger Bands

2013-04-11_122057Bollinger Bands can be used to reveal potentially profitable entry and exit points. Let experienced instructor Markay Latimer show you how learning to use this technical indicator might be useful in your daily trading plan.

In this four-hour online class with BetterTrades coach Markay Latimer, you will learn:

How it is possible to recognize powerful Bollinger Band reversal patterns

How to learn to gauge the strength of market moves before making a trading decision

How to learn a squeeze strategy that can be considered when trading breakout stocks

With Markay’s instruction, you can learn to read an intraday chart and that includes Bollinger Bands. These Bollinger Bands have the potential to point out tradable patterns worth your consideration.

Learn how it may be possible to capitalize on stocks with low volatility before they begin to move. This may help options traders get in the trade before the price of the options become overinflated. Register now and learn how to incorporate Bollinger Bands in your trading plan!


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