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rsiThe MultiPeriodRSI have been actually in demand and this incredible indicator we got charge no amount, so it might probably be a free Fx indicator.

As matter of fact, this mql file works with the different sort of MT just like the MT4 (Metatrader 4) and Metatrader 5 as we have used it. With this, you can be sure that you won’t experience any compatibility issues.

Right after trying MultiPeriodRSI Forex Indicator, it will be much appreciated should you could give your rating of the product. We do not discourage any comments or reply to the performance of the MultiPeriodRSI indicator. Primarily because of such testimonials and ratings the task of choosing the ideal indicator for the job will be easier.

Obviously, much better indicators that can help in trading much more the correct manner are what the majority of Forex currency traders want to have. This is where free MultiPeriodRSI indicator is necessary. It can help traders in doubling the profit that they can get in their online business. Rest assured, we’re also carrying out our best to post Forex indicators such as MultiPeriodRSI on our site. With that said, it’s possible for web entrepreneurs to download it without having to spend money making them to come up with savvy decisions . Therefore, they will turn out to be exceptional traders.


//| Multi.Period.RSI.mq4 |
//| Copyright © 2010, Vladimir Hlystov |
//| [email protected] |
#property copyright “Copyright © 2010, Vladimir Hlystov”
#property link “”
#property indicator_separate_window
#property indicator_minimum 0
#property indicator_maximum 100
#property indicator_buffers 1
#property indicator_color1 Blue
#property indicator_width1 1
//—- input parameters
extern int PeriodRSI = 14;
extern int timeframe =5;
//—- buffers
double Buffer[];
int init()
//—- indicator lines
SetIndexBuffer(0, Buffer);
timeframe = next_period(timeframe);
SetIndexLabel(0, “RSI “+StrPer(timeframe));
int start()
int counted_bars=IndicatorCounted();
if(counted_bars>0) counted_bars–;
int limit=Bars-counted_bars;
for(int i=0; i<limit; i++)
Buffer[i] = iRSI(NULL,timeframe,PeriodRSI,PRICE_CLOSE,iBarShift(NULL,timeframe,Time[i],false));
int next_period(int per)
if (per > 43200) return(0);
if (per > 10080) return(43200);
if (per > 1440) return(10080);
if (per > 240) return(1440);
if (per > 60) return(240);
if (per > 30) return(60);
if (per > 15) return(30);
if (per > 5) return(15);
if (per > 1) return(5);
if (per == 1) return(1);
if (per == 0) return(Period());
string StrPer(int per)
if (per == 1) return(” M1 “);
if (per == 5) return(” M5 “);
if (per == 15) return(” M15 “);
if (per == 30) return(” M30 “);
if (per == 60) return(” H1 “);
if (per == 240) return(” H4 “);
if (per == 1440) return(” D1 “);
if (per == 10080) return(” W1 “);
if (per == 43200) return(” MN1 “);
return(“îّèلêà ïهًèîنà”);


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