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Cabafx00254The Options 101 Course lives up to its billing.  Like any ‘101’ course that you might take at your local university, the Options 101 Course provides a solid introduction to stock option trading.

This is a home study course, designed to allow you to work at your own pace.  The materials include a course manual of more than 175 pages covering basic information and more than ten option strategies in detail.

Included in the 101 course is Options University’s option scanning software, a CD containing video tutorials for each of the option strategies covered in the manual, and audio recordings.  You will also receive copies their ‘Proper Application of Strategy to Selection’ and ‘Introduction to Options’ videos.

The curriculum includes a review of stock option definitions and other related terms.  You will be introduced to concepts related to option premium, time decay, intrinsic versus extrinsic value, and volatility.  Directional trading of calls and puts is detailed, followed by a transition to covered writes, protective puts, and collars.  Some advanced subjects are also touched upon.

In the interest of full-disclosure, it should be noted that the Options 101 course is a lead-in to Options University’s flagship Options Mastery program.  The Options Mastery program is much more comprehensive and does include the Options 101 materials in the purchase price, but carries a higher price tag reflecting the significantly expanded curriculum.  Options University is also working on an intermediate product, which they are calling the Advanced Options Course and will include the full Options 101 curriculum plus an additional course manual covering advanced strategies including spread trading, straddles, strangles, butterflies, and condors.  Manuals covering synthetic positions, option pricing models, and option greeks are also provided in the Advanced course.

Our recommendation is that if you know that you will want to continue on with the full Options Mastery curriculum, you might consider the purchase of that course as you will gain access to the full Options 101 curriculum as part of that purchase.  Once available, the Advanced Options Course will be an attractive choice as it will be more affordable than the Options Mastery Course while providing access to information that the serious individual option trader will want and need.  However, for those simply looking for a basic introductory education, the affordable price tag of the ‘101’ curriculum is probably the better choice.

When I first began learning about options, I spend thousands on materials and a seminar that covered similar beginner’s material.  The 101 Course is a solid introduction to option trading and is well suited for the beginning option trading student.  This is the most affordable course in the Options University line-up and represents a good value if you want to nail down the basics.


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