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Forex00479Learning to use a technical indicator known as Fibonacci lines may potentially improve your trading. So says BetterTrades coach Rob Roy, who has taught thousands of students how the indicator works and how it can be used in the stock market.

In this two-hour online class, “Fibonacci: The Secrets Revealed,” Rob Roy teaches students how to overlay Fibonacci lines on a stock chart and then use the information to establish potential support and resistance levels. Learning to use these lines on the stocks in your watch list may help uncover possible trading opportunities that you may otherwise miss. Rob says the Fibonacci lines are an important factor to consider before entering a trade.

In this class you will learn:

Important “Swing High” and “Swing Low” points that may identify possible entries and exits

The profit potential of a Golden Ratio Retreat

Possible opportunities in a ‘Divine Proportion Wiggle Trade’

Through Rob’s instruction, a student will learn how to examine a trade in light of the information revealed by Fibonacci lines. It’s designed to help students learn to make better trading decisions. This class is designed to benefit traders of all levels of experience.







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