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t3This indicator is provided at totally free. We already have the experienced as T3 Bands caught our interest and we didn’t pay even a single cent with this fantastic indicator. We’d be foolish to not contemplate this foreign exchange trading indicator as free.

We have run some test making use of this mq4 code. And do you know what, it functions wonderfully to what we’ve expected. It is quite compatible in both Metatrader 4 and MT5 (Metatrader 5) edition and could function to some other MT software too. Simply go though Forex Channel And Band Indicators division if you need very similar sort of indicators.

After trying T3 Bands Forex Indicator, it would be much appreciated if you could give your rating of the product. We do not discourage any reviews or even reply to the performance of the T3 Bands indicator. Making use of the help of your remarks and reviews FX investors will be provided a better idea on which indicator will be greater for them.

To be able to get that winning edge in the trading industry discovering the right indicator will be the utmost priority of FX investors. We have been hoping that with this no charge T3 Bands indicator, you will get the right aide so that you can have greater trading decisions and also trade much more correctly not to mention have greater income. The net world is likely to make it simple for people to get Forex indicators just like T3 Bands and possess easy access


[php]</pre><p>//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ <br />//| T3 Bands.mq4 | <br />//| <br />//| | <br />//+------------------------------------------------------------------+</p><p>#property indicator_separate_window <br />#property indicator_buffers 6 <br />#property indicator_color1 Green <br />#property indicator_color2 Red <br />#property indicator_color3 Blue <br />#property indicator_color4 Yellow <br />#property indicator_color5 Silver <br />#property indicator_color6 Black</p><p>extern int MA_Period_1 = 5; <br />extern int MA_Period_2 = 15; <br />extern int MA_Period_3 = 20; <br />extern int MA_Period_4 = 35; <br />extern int MA_Period_5 = 80; <br />extern int MA_Period_6 = 280; <br />#include ""</p><p>extern double b = 0.86;</p><p>double MapBuffer1[]; <br />double MapBuffer2[]; <br />double MapBuffer3[]; <br />double MapBuffer4[]; <br />double MapBuffer5[]; <br />double MapBuffer6[];</p><p>double e1[6],e2[6],e3[6],e4[6],e5[6],e6[6]; <br />double c1[6],c2[6],c3[6],c4[6]; <br />double n[6],w1[6],w2[6],b2[6],b3[6];</p><p>//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ <br />//| Custom indicator initialization function | <br />//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ <br />int init() <br />{ <br />//---- indicators setting <br />SetIndexStyle(0,DRAW_LINE,STYLE_SOLID,1,Green); <br />SetIndexStyle(1,DRAW_LINE,STYLE_SOLID,1,Red); <br />SetIndexStyle(2,DRAW_LINE,STYLE_SOLID,1,Blue); <br />SetIndexStyle(3,DRAW_LINE,STYLE_SOLID,1,Yellow); <br />SetIndexStyle(4,DRAW_LINE,STYLE_SOLID,1,Silver); <br />SetIndexStyle(5,DRAW_LINE,STYLE_SOLID,2,Black); <br />IndicatorDigits(MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_DIGITS)); <br />IndicatorShortName("T3 Bands");</p><p>SetIndexBuffer(0,MapBuffer1); <br />SetIndexBuffer(1,MapBuffer2); <br />SetIndexBuffer(2,MapBuffer3); <br />SetIndexBuffer(3,MapBuffer4); <br />SetIndexBuffer(4,MapBuffer5); <br />SetIndexBuffer(5,MapBuffer6); <br />//---- variable reset <br />n[1]=MA_Period_1; <br />n[2]=MA_Period_2; <br />n[3]=MA_Period_3; <br />n[4]=MA_Period_4; <br />n[5]=MA_Period_5; <br />n[6]=MA_Period_6;</p><p>for(int l=1; l&lt;7; l++) <br />{</p><p>e1[l]=0; e2[l]=0; e3[l]=0; e4[l]=0; e5[l]=0; e6[l]=0; <br />c1[l]=0; c2[l]=0; c3[l]=0; c4[l]=0; <br />w1[l]=0; w2[l]=0; <br />b2[l]=0; b3[l]=0;</p><p>b2[l]=b*b; <br />b3[l]=b2[l]*b; <br />c1[l]=-b3[l]; <br />c2[l]=(3*(b2[l]+b3[l])); <br />c3[l]=-3*(2*b2[l]+b+b3[l]); <br />c4[l]=(1+3*b+b3[l]+3*b2[l]);</p><p>if (n[l]&lt;1) n[l]=1; <br />n[l] = 1 + 0.5*(n[l]-1); <br />w1[l] = 2 / (n[l] + 1); <br />w2[l] = 1 - w1[l]; <br />}</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>//---- <br />return(0); <br />}</p><p>//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ <br />//| Custom indicator iteration function | <br />//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ <br />int start() <br />{ <br />int limit,MB[],ii,i; <br />int counted_bars=IndicatorCounted(); <br />if (counted_bars&lt;0) return (-1); <br />if (counted_bars&gt;0) counted_bars--; <br />limit=Bars-counted_bars; <br />//---- indicator calculation</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>for(i=limit; i&gt;=0; i--) <br />{</p><p>for(ii=1; ii&lt;7; ii++) <br />{ <br />e1[ii] = w1[ii]*Close[i] + w2[ii]*e1[ii]; <br />e2[ii] = w1[ii]*e1[ii] + w2[ii]*e2[ii]; <br />e3[ii] = w1[ii]*e2[ii] + w2[ii]*e3[ii]; <br />e4[ii] = w1[ii]*e3[ii] + w2[ii]*e4[ii]; <br />e5[ii] = w1[ii]*e4[ii] + w2[ii]*e5[ii]; <br />e6[ii] = w1[ii]*e5[ii] + w2[ii]*e6[ii];</p><p>if (ii==1) MapBuffer1[i]=c1[ii]*e6[ii] + c2[ii]*e5[ii] + c3[ii]*e4[ii] + c4[ii]*e3[ii]; <br />if (ii==2) MapBuffer2[i]=c1[ii]*e6[ii] + c2[ii]*e5[ii] + c3[ii]*e4[ii] + c4[ii]*e3[ii]; <br />if (ii==3) MapBuffer3[i]=c1[ii]*e6[ii] + c2[ii]*e5[ii] + c3[ii]*e4[ii] + c4[ii]*e3[ii]; <br />if (ii==4) MapBuffer4[i]=c1[ii]*e6[ii] + c2[ii]*e5[ii] + c3[ii]*e4[ii] + c4[ii]*e3[ii]; <br />if (ii==5) MapBuffer5[i]=c1[ii]*e6[ii] + c2[ii]*e5[ii] + c3[ii]*e4[ii] + c4[ii]*e3[ii]; <br />if (ii==6) MapBuffer6[i]=c1[ii]*e6[ii] + c2[ii]*e5[ii] + c3[ii]*e4[ii] + c4[ii]*e3[ii]; <br />} <br />}</p><p>//---- <br />return(0); <br />} <br />//+------------------------------------------------------------------+</p><p>&nbsp;</p><pre>[/php]

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