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Timothy Sykes - SEC FILLINGS

Read SEC Filings (RSF) is a 10-hour multi-disc DVD package with a nice fat 150+ page instructional manual that teaches you how to read and analyze all sorts of SEC filings. One of my best students, Michael Goode (he’s up $93,000+ using my strategy, see his Vegas video interview HERE) chimes in for several hours with his own investigating so viewers can compare our two differing research methods. These filings have always been long, technical and boring, but we will simplify the process and make it understandable to even the biggest beginners out there.

Not only great for discovering penny stock scams, learning to read SEC filings will help you better understand how to analyze companies of all sizes and their market valuations. This DVD package is a must for anyone involved in the finance industry, not just traders but investors too, and it will be ready to ship in 5-7 weeks.




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