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goFrom the very beginning, expert analyst Toni Hansen built her system to be simple and exceptionally effective. By designing indicators that are easy to follow without compromising effectiveness, she has eliminated the headache of old, complicated formulas.

At the session where this course was created, Toni Hansen’s presentation was overflowing with attendees. Her reputation for nailing price targets and keeping big gains with pinpoint exit strategies had this group of traders glued to their seats.

Tossing aside approaches that are nearly impossible to master, Hansen built her method for leveraging price action, momentum and support and resistance so it can be used by anyone. Best of all, her trading style and market analysis excel in any time frame with any market vehicle. This allows you to apply it to the market with strongest trend and always be in a winning trade, which is why you can apply her techniques to any market you trade or invest, whether it’s stocks, Forex, Options, Futures, or ETFs.

Don’t wait any longer to demystify the money making power of technical analysis.

Let Toni Hansen show you how to spot breakout trades without the brain-cramp of traditional indicators. This method lets you:

  • Identify very accurate price targets and pull in the bulk of the profit in any trend,
  • Virtually eliminate losses by determining a trends most likely reversal points,
  • Adjust stops to stay in trades for maximum gains,
  • Create a trading approach that fits your time availability and personality.

As a full-time parent, Toni had no choice but to create a completely manageable trading system. This 90-minute presentation reveals her veteran trader’s straightforward methods on technical analysis that work to increase your profit on a steady basis. Like most traders, you may have guessed at an exit point only to watch your position get better and better after you got out. Don’t experience that empty feeling again. This brand new course gives you confidence that you have cashed in the maximum profit from every trade.

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  1. forexNOOB
    forexNOOB says:

    I downloaded all the files, used 7zip to “extract” the files using the password
    and I got an error when it put the file into the new folder. it said incorrect password.

    I played the video file anyway, and I only have 43min and 50sec of VIDEO. And it’s missing some video.

    let me know what I did wrong ?


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