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cabafx_00047Foundations of Stocks and Options is the flagship course of TradeSmart University. The complete program includes twenty-four lessons and lays an essential foundation for those wishing to be active traders. The course begins with the basics of technical analysis and progresses through advanced trading topics. Students who complete all twenty-four classes will have a solid foundation to trade during any market condition whether they chose to use stocks or options.

Included are all three levels of foundations of stocks and options. This is 24 videos and 24 pdf”s

Our core class at the financial puzzle is Foundations of Stocks and Options. To make learning more accessible, we have broken our structure into thee levels. Each level builds upon the nest, so we encourage even our more experienced students to at least sit through the beginning level class.

Each class is spread out over 4 weeks meeting twice a week for roughly 90 minutes (often more if there are questions). This allows students to digest the information, practice the homework assignment, and come back to the next class ready to build on the previous information. All three levels of classes run successively with the same instructor so students can have seamless learning experience.

Level 1: Beginner

This first level is for the beginning student who has never traded the stock market. We do however, advise all students to take this beginning class just to make sure all education gaps have been filled. During this class we teach some very complicated issues in a very simple, easy to understand format. Watch your confidence grow as you apply our knowledge and practice trade in real time with fake money.

-Foundational market knowledge

-The basic of technical analysis

-Two reliable market timing indicators

-Strategies to trade an up or down market

-Introduction to options.

-Buying and Shorting Stock

-Reading Stock Charts

-Basic Technical Analysis

-Using Stock Options

-How to Draw Lines

-Price Targeting

-Entries and Exits

-Trading neutral

– Basic Indicators

-Trading Plan


Level 2: Intermediate

The second level is for the intermediate student. In this class you will find yourself submersed into all aspects of technical analysis as well as confidently understanding the power of options trading

– Three key aspects of reading a price chart

– Learn each of the timing indicators we use

– Markup you charts using line drawings

– Identify trends

– Understanding Candlesticks

– Chart Patterns

– Trading with moving averages

– More.

Level 3: Advanced

Our final level is our most advanced class in the foundations of stocks and options series. In this class the student has started to trade and learn from their own experience, making access to the mentoring invaluable. Here we also build in a few options classes, which allow for real- world analysis and application on a much deeper level than the earlier classes

– Trade advanced options strategies

– Learn all aspects of tri-directional trading

– Open classes for real world analysis

– Develop you own successful trading plan

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