Download TradeGuider – Wyckoff Rediscovered Conference (2010)

cabafx_00046Session 1 – Gavin Holmes with Andrew Maguire and Paul Coghlan


Market Manipulation by the “Composite Operator”: The proof and how you can profit from it. In this session we look at several cases of manipulation across the oil, banking and futures sectors. We then take a detailed look at the Gold and Silver markets and look at how market manipulation has held down the prices and why. “Whistle blower” trader Andrew Maguire is the guest speaker with intimate knowledge of this market and how it works.

Session 2 – Gavin Holmes with Paul Coghlan


Chart patterns that make sense.

In this presentation professional trader Paul Coghlan shows a complimentary methodology to Wyckoff that is both highly effective and complimentary. Using Forks, path and price within the trends to determine high probability entry and exit points.

Session 3 – Dr Gary Dayton

Wyckoff in the Modern Markets – Part 1.

Here Gary covers some of the main Wyckoff principles: Selling Climax, primary and secondary tests, Stopping volume, comparative strength, Breaking new high’s, corrective reaction, bullish advance, absorption and the buying climax

Session 4 – Gary Fullett

Two Goals, Three Laws and Five Steps -Trading the Wyckoff Method.

Wyckoff principles as seen from a traders perspective. Here we cover profit targets, capital preservation, effort v result, cause and effect, demand and supply, determining the trend, the relative strength or weakness, trading to give the best chance of profit, volatility and timing relative to the underlying market.

Session 5 – David Weis

Where to find trades using Wyckoff principles.

Here the master of the Wyckoff methodology David Weis covers trading setups using breakouts, springs, upthrusts set within trading ranges.

Breakfast Session with Tom Williams

Veteran Syndicate trader Tom Williams takes you through a Volume Spread Analysis approach to analyzing the S & P, together with other markets including FOREX and Futures. See how VSA co-relates to Wyckoff and builds on the underlying fundamental methodology. Tom then goes on to look at the relative strength or weakness of stocks against the Dow Jones index.

Session 6 – David Weis

The art of reading bar charts the Wyckoff way.

In this session David provides a bar by bar analysis using real chart examples. He provides numerous chart examples and asks the audience to analyze the Wyckoff VSA principles involved.

Session 7 – Dr Gary Dayton

Wyckoff in the Modern Markets – Part 2.

Here Gary covers some of the main Wyckoff principles: Change of behavior, breaking the backbone, reaction to supply, distribution, rallies, reversal and the drive up,

Session 8 – Gary Fullett

Introducing the Wyckoff Wave.

The Wyckoff Wave has been a market indicator for Wyckoff students for over 50 years.

While the wave stocks and the financial markets have changed over time, it continues to be a sensitive leading indicator. The Wyckoff Wave is extremely helpful in predicting the stock

market’s timing and the direction of the next market move.

Session 9 – Gail Mercer

Wyckoff’s common sense approach to trading.

In addition to the methodologies Wyckoff had definite views on traders and their various failings. Subjects include judgment, Risk to Reward ratio, patience and managing expectations.

Session 10 – Gavin Holmes

How to select stocks that are ready to move.

In this presentation Gavin uses the TradeGuider software to scan for stocks based on Wyckoff VSA principles. This presentation pulls all the various strands together as the delegates used the principles learned to determine which stocks to select.

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