Download Turtle Trading Concepts Seminar with Russell Sands

sossRussell Sands’s Turtle Trading Concepts Rules for

  • When to get in
  • Where to get Out
  • A Money Management formula for HOW MUCH to trade for a given account size and risk preference
  • How long a trade should last
  • How to CONTROL your emotions
  • When you should take profits
  • When your system might have losses
  • WHEN to REALLY LOAD UP ON A TRADE & when not to trade at all (this is the biggie!!)
  • When to add to your positions
  • pyramiding
  • How to ?dry test? the system without risking a single penny of your money
  • How to trade the REALLY BIG market trends: BIG TIME
  • A simple MEASURE OF MARKET ACTIVITY which tells you when to be aggressively long or short
  • A statistically robust method with Money Management par excellence
  • A strategy that has been tested real time for 20 years straight on real markets real money
  • How and why every market is traded the same way! No specialist knowledge of markets is required
  • New ideas and developments including a new share trading technique that really works
  • How to ?lock on? to the big trends and keep yourself in there when all around you are in a panic
  • Why this system is perfect for busy people who do not have a lot of time to spare
  • How you can trade successfully and keep your day job

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