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cabafx.com29Actual version : 2.0
Last release date : 04/06/2012
Last date of trading settings release : 04/06/2012
Technical support: 5 days a week, through on-line chat or e-mail (on english and russian languages)
Platform/OS : Windows
Purpose : automated trading and automated trades execution on Forex market through MetaTrader4 (MetaQuotes Software Corp) trading terminal.
Trading strategy : market entry on basis of mathematical calculations from previous advisor market entry levels. All positions accounted when profit is fixed, buy and sell separately.
Trading account types : ECN, NDD, Pro, Standard, Micro … all account types supported by MetaTrader4 terminal.
Recommended leverage : not below 1:500.
Recommended minimal deposit : 300 USD/30 000cent for 0,01 lot (Insta Forex lot 0,10) for each currency pair.
Profitability : around 20% per month, or up to 550% per year with re-investment of gained profits.
Quotes type : automatic determination of quotes 4 (1,2342) or 5 (1,23429) digits after comma.
Money Management : automatic control of trading position volume for market entry, in relation to the balance of trading account.
Currency pair : EUR/USD, GBP/USD. The list of used currency pairs may be expanded.
Used time frame : selected time frame has no influence on work of advisor.
Indicators: not used.
Installation: advisor is installed in MetaTrader4 terminal through installation file automatically.
Trading settings: Settings for currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD are supplied with advisor. Trading settings need to be installed manually through the properties of advisor window.


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